Looking for her mother who abandoned her 33 years ago, she discovers the unimaginable!

33 years after the disappearance of Marlaine Marquis, a young mother with no history, her daughter restarts the investigation. The result, she hadn’t expected it at all. Don’t worry, the editors of Objeko will tell you all about it. Are you ready ?

Just a great story

It’s an incredible story we’re going to tell you. It all started in 1989, when suddenly Marlaine Marquis, a young mother of two, disappeared. Growing up, her daughter, Victoria asks herself a lot of questions. While her father said that their mother would have abandoned them, her and her brother, to start a new life with another man, the young woman does not believe it. To dispel her doubts, she reports the disappearance of Marlaine Marquis, her mother, to the authorities in 2021.

The authorities start the search, but in vain. In particular, they note that since 1989 there has been no administrative trace of Marlaine Marquis. Her daughter Victoria finds this very suspicious. So she decides to confront her father. And faced with his probing questions, the latter bursts and reveals the unthinkable. Indeed, the 62-year-old man admits to killing his ex-partner and mother of his two children 33 years ago.

The father confesses to the murder of his wife

The father of the family will explain to his daughter that he killed his wife. It was by strangulation with their home landline: “A judicial inquiry will be opened on April 27, 2022 for kidnapping and forced detention. A way to get around the problem of fact limitation in manslaughter, set at thirty years”. Nearly a month after the opening of this inquest, the family’s father is placed in police custody and charged with the murder of the mother of his children. He is under judicial control.

According to the newspaper Le Parisien, authorities are currently conducting searches involving dogs and point devices. Particularly at the place designated by the suspected perpetrator to find the remains of Marlaine Marquis. A 33-year-old femicide who wonders… Why were the young woman’s family never concerned about her disappearance in 1989? This is what we will see in the next section. By reading you understand everything.

Disappearance: Why did the Marlaine Marquis family never come forward?

Of course Marlaine Marquis had a family. But what the researchers are most questioning is that no one ever announced or worried about his disappearance. Why ? Did they already know the story? In any case, there are doubts. To defend herself, one of her relatives confided: “We were told that any adult person was free to disappear if they wanted to and everyone in the family had accepted this idea.“. Whether this is the truth remains to be seen. Or, if history still hides secrets. Case follows.

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