Secret Service deleted text messages from the day of the Capitol attack

The Secret Service, which is primarily responsible for protecting the President of the United States, has erased text messages from several agents who were attacked by supporters of Donald Trump on the day of the attack on Congress in Washington on January 6, 2021. sent, according to a supervisory body.

Joseph Cuffari, Inspector General of the Department of National Security, said in a letter to congressional leaders published on Thursday, July 14, that he was having trouble getting Secret Service records dating back to January 5 and 6, 2021.

Prevent certification of Biden’s win

These messages could be crucial to investigations by the United States House of Representatives and the Justice Department to determine whether the former Republican president and his closest advisers encouraged the deadly attack on the Capitol in an attempt to certify his Democratic opponent’s victory. to prevent Joe Biden in the November 2020 vote.

Secret Service agents that day were with Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, who had been hiding in the Capitol after pro-Trump activists called for his hang. A former White House aide testified before the House Committee of Inquiry on June 29 that Donald Trump was trying to force the Secret Service to take him to Congress to join his supporters.

Reset phones

The Department has informed us that numerous US Secret Service (USSS) messages dated January 5 and 6, 2021, have been deleted as part of a device replacement program.Joseph Cuffari wrote in his letter, revealed by The Intercept and subsequently published by Politico. “The USSS deleted this SMS after the OIG (Office of the Inspector General, Editor’s note) requested the records of electronic communicationsfor the investigation of the events of January 6, he continued.

In addition, he said, the ministry dragged its feet in handing over other documents requested by the OIG. Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, in a statement, dismissed Joseph Cuffari’s allegations, saying the agents’ phones had been reset as part of a planned replacement program that began before the OIG request was made six weeks after the attack.

The Secret Service reported to the Inspector General’s office the loss of data from some phones, but confirmed to the OIG that none of the text messages they were looking for were lost during this migration.he added.

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