Street Fighter 6: Capcom’s fighting game rewards you with a perfect win

Game news Street Fighter 6: Capcom’s fighting game rewards you with a perfect win

Since the new looks at the State of Play event and Geoff Keighley’s announcement party during the Summer Game Fest period, Street Fighter 6 has clearly donned the gloves again to usher in a communication full of revelations and ready to knock us out. to beat out. Information scrolls here and there about Capcom’s future fighting game and it was during the Japan Expo 2022 festivities that we were able to make an interesting discovery!


  • Capcom starts a spicy communication
  • Street Fighter 6 reveals hint at Japan Expo

It’s been a month now since the communication around street fighter 6 took on a whole new dimension. His revelation during the State of Play and the unfortunate leaks, a few hours later, especially on his cast of charactershave clearly set the powder on fire, while stirring up the impatience of players around this fighting game, which currently has no official release date. To compensate, Street Fighter 6 is increasingly highlighting its gameplay through a few videos, whether it’s from Guile or Cammy, and even allows itself to be approached.

Street Fighter 6: Capcom's fighting game rewards you with a perfect win

Indeed, a few days after they were marked from right to left, four characters can be tested so that we can realize the potato of this sixth numbered episode. Unfortunately not everyone had this privilege, that’s why Capcom announceda few weeks ago, that the title would be playable as part of the Japan Expo 2022 which is currently taking place in Paris. It is also thanks to this presence and a message on Twitter that we were entitled to intriguing information about the course of the battles.

Street Fighter 6 reveals hint at Japan Expo

While street fighter 6 will pass from hand to hand throughout the weekend, the players will be brought in to make their first impressions of the title and to see what the fighting game has in the gut. For those not around and curious about discoveries, certain posts on Twitter can teach them a lot of things.. In particular, Matthew Edwards, Brand Manager for Capcom’s European arm, who couldn’t help but capture the perfect victory of one of the trial participants.

What surprised him most, it’s the animation of Luke’s character who intervened during the contestant’s perfect win. We see the fighter perform a dance that some in the comments did not hesitate to mock under the pretense that it could come straight from the sky Fortnite. Ultimately, the information to remember is that the characters on the roster are entitled to new animations when the player wins the battle without taking a single damage.. While we wait to discover the others, Luke’s above must be discovered.

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