Supermarket: here is the store that offers a liter of fuel for 85 cents all summer 2022

Anyone who has to refuel before going to work has complained about it at least once in recent months. The current conflict in Eastern Europe has indeed skyrocketed fuel prices. To help consumers, the government has already implemented a discount of 18 cents at the pump. A measure that will soon be replaced by another. However, a supermarket chain went much further by offering a liter for 85 cents. And this until the start of the school year.

The fuel check

As mentioned above, the state is currently helping us up to 18 cents per liter of fuel purchased. This will take effect as a general discount. However, this reduction will certainly gradually disappear. Starting at 18 cents, it is being reduced bit by bit before disappearing completely by the end of this year.

Instead, there will be an exceptional support of 100 euros for those who receive less than 2,000 euros net per month. Obtaining this fuel check and its amount, of course, depends on certain criteria. The biggest riders will be the priority targets of this new measure. Anyway, the state discount you get when you fill up at your supermarket’s pump will soon disappear.

The help of the state

Gabriel Attal, the new minister-deputy for public accounts, recently spoke on the subject in an interview with our colleagues from the daily newspaper “Le Monde”. According to the latter, the employment executive to carry out “a policy of strong protection of the French against inflation”.

Gabriel Attal even added that the devices deployed by the current government “will save each household on average €510 by 2022”. He is of course talking about the tariff shield on gas and electricity, fuel discount, revaluation of the odometer, etc.

A supermarket stands out

Since the proposals that benefit our wallets are the most effective in terms of communication, a supermarket is hit hard. According to information gathered by our colleagues at Femme Actuelle, Casino stores are going to take a big hit this summer.

More precisely, if you choose to refuel in the supermarket on the weekend, Casino will not charge you more than 85 cents per liter. This offer is valid until the end of August. Please note that it is useless to hope to take advantage of it during working days, it is only valid on weekends.

Another condition is also necessary to be able to take advantage of this more than attractive price. So this offer will only be unlocked after getting a voucher at checkout. The latter is obtained after spending 120 euros in a casino store. Once you’ve got your hands on the voucher, don’t expect to build up a large inventory. This offer is valid for a full tank of less than 40 litres.

To summarize, in order to take advantage of this fuel offer at 85 cents per litre, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Come to a casino shop for a weekend
  • Spend 120 euros
  • Show your proof of purchase at the reception to receive a voucher
  • Buy less than 40 liters of fuel

Some Total stations offer a 10 cent discount

Since June, TotalEnergies has announced that its highway stations will apply a discount of 10 to 12 euro cents. And this, for motorists who refuel. And this under pressure from the government. Indeed, the Economy Minister, Bruno Le Maire, had asked the energy sector giants to make an “effort” towards consumers.

For example, 120 gas stations on the French motorways apply this price reduction to the pump. This is good news for those planning to take a car holiday this summer. Unfortunately, this discount does not apply to petrol stations in rural areas. However, if we look at current fuel prices, any cut is welcome.

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