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Theft of their livestock, their agricultural machinery, phytosanitary products or fuel… These attacks on property are one of the biggest concerns of the agricultural world and contribute to the feeling of insecurity among farmers. Since the latter are mainly in the area of ​​competence of the Gendarmerie, the latter has of course made the protection of the agricultural sector against all criminal and unlawful attacks one of its priorities.

It should also be noted that the context turned out to be more favorable in 2021, where the decline in observed facts is much greater than in 2020, despite the fact that there were periods of incarceration (-10.26% in 2021 against -3.69 % the previous year for material damage).

The importance of getting to know each other well

In order to allow farmers to practice their profession in good conditions, the gendarmerie has therefore developed a three-step strategy: anticipation, prevention and of course legal action, all based on a good mutual knowledge between the different actors at all levels.

To do this, the institution maintains regular exchanges with the agricultural world, both national and local, where the companies and territorial units of the departmental gendarmerie develop direct contacts with the heads of the confederations or unions, as well as with the farmers. as part of their patrols. In certain departments, one- or half-day immersions for gendarmes on farms are also organized.

Without forgetting the departmental level, where both the deputy prevention officer and the referent economic security and business protection (SECOPE) play a key role, in consultation with the identified representative of the agricultural organisation(s).

This mutual knowledge, which is regularly maintained through trust interactions at each of these levels, contributes to the anticipation of risk and the responsiveness of each player in the event of a tort or criminal event.

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271 referees and 3,800 correspondents on contact protection

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On the occasion of the international agricultural fair, which opened its doors on Sunday, February 26 in Paris, Porte de Versailles, twelve security advisers from the gendarmerie, from different departments, go every day to meet the farmers present. to disseminate prevention and vigilance advice against malicious acts of which they may be victims. Meeting !

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On the spot, the preventive action of the gendarmes must adapt to each area and its particularities, in connection with the nature of the activities developed or the geographical location. The departmental gendarmerie groups, through their referees and their security correspondents (the gendarmerie has 271 referees and 3,800 security correspondents, note of the editor), can thus provide targeted and adapted human, organizational and technical advice, strengthen passive security and reduce the risk of malicious acts on the most vulnerable farms. This advice is provided in the form of consultations and safety diagnoses.

Regular information meetings are also organized by the regional crime prevention correspondents and the security referees and correspondents.

Finally, some sixty departments are deploying an SMS alert system for the agricultural world, which aims to make farmers aware of criminal phenomena that have occurred near their farms.

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Vigilance on economic security and cyber risk

In addition, increasingly digitized and holders of a mass of value-added data, farms, like any business, must also be aware of protecting their computer systems and their data.

As part of the PréSAnSCE (Situational Prevention and Analysis of Security and Cybersecurity for Companies) system, the regional economic security officials are therefore coordinating a priority action to make the various players in the sector aware of threats of damage to economic security. This of course includes the cyber component, which is taken into account by the CyberGEND system of the Gendarmerie Commando in cyberspace (ComCyberGend). The latter is able to carry out targeted prevention actions to make the agricultural community aware of the dangers of digital use.

It is therefore logical that the gendarmerie takes advantage of the agricultural show to extend its daily preventive action together with the farmers, to advise them on the fight against burglaries, theft of fuel, metals and agricultural equipment, as well as in the protection of their intangible heritage.

This meeting is also an opportunity to better familiarize the operators present with the whole system, and in particular the network of security referees, or even to put them in touch with their local contact person.

Round table in the presence of three ministers

Like many authorities, the Interior Minister, Gérald Darmanin, traditionally attended the agricultural fair on Tuesday, March 1, accompanied by Éric Dupond-Moretti, Seal Keeper, Minister of Justice, and Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture. The three ministers were able to meet the gendarmes present and see the measures taken by the national gendarmerie to ensure the safety and protection of the agricultural world, before taking part in a roundtable discussion on rural security issues, in the presence of the army general Christian Rodriguez. , Director-General of the National Gendarmerie, and Major Marc and Chief Officer Benoît, security referees from Isère and Ille-et-Vilaine respectively.

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