The hearing of the Girondins de Bordeaux for the CNOSF postponed

Hearing this Friday by the Bordeaux commercial court, the delegation of the Girondins did not come out completely reassured. Despite a case reinforced by the agreement between Gérard Lopez and the club’s creditors (King Street and Fortress) to reduce the debt by 75% (from 53 to 13 M€) and despite a financial extension of the chairman (14 M€ additional in sequestration to the bank, in addition to the €10 million already present), the Bordeaux Public Prosecutor has not approved these pledges in lieu of the previously obtained injunction. At least not for the time being.

The court will rule on Tuesday, while the Girondins hoped for it on Monday, which will effectively delay the appeals process for the club’s relegation to National, which was to continue before the National Olympic and Sports Committee the same day. French (CNOSF). This passage for the CNOSF is therefore postponed by two days, until July 21.

“All these delays have economic and sporting consequences for the club”

Gerard Lopez, President of Bordeaux

After the two-hour hearing in the city center, Lopez, who came to plead his case with his lawyer Me Laurent Cotret, as well as many other club members, including Rio Mavuba, the current assistant coach under 19, held a press conference at the end of the season. afternoon in Haillan. From the start, he said he was not satisfied with this new setback: “All this is a problem for us on two levels. The most important level is to come to the final decision, which I hope will be fair. This affects player sales. We have conditional offers. All these delays have economic and sporting consequences for the club. That is no excuse. »

Given the new elements added to the file, the Girondins boss estimated it was today ” even better “ only during the first two passes before the DNCG, reaffirming its determination to get to the end of the legal battle if necessary, also to the cassation if the CNOSF should not recommend the French Federation to reintegrate Bordeaux into Ligue 2. “We want justice to be done, nothing else, justice to be done, concluded Lopez. If the club went to National, that would be the equivalent of liquidating the club. At that point, it is also a fiduciary responsibility. There is no other option than to file a lawsuit for compensation. »

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