The Mysteries of Love: Too Much Sex in the Series? Jean-Luc Azoulay responds in cash to criticism

Is there too much sex in The Mysteries of Love plots? This is what many angry viewers have found against the TMC series for some time, just like actress Cathy Andrieu. Producer Jean-Luc Azoulay reacted to the controversy and strongly disagrees with him.

Series The mysteries of love has not yet said the last word about TMC. Since 2011fans of the program derived fromHelen and the boys still passionately follow the adventures of the group of friends who graduated high school long ago. Over the seasons, sitcom aficionados have also discovered new characters and completely different plots from the beginning of the fiction. Changes not to the liking of many viewers criticizing the series for having sex a little too often.

In an interview with Tout la télé, actress Cathy Andrieu shared this feeling as:she embodies José’s ex and was placed in herd with the characters of Béatrice and Alban. “i understand themshe confided. Missing non-sexual events. The Mysteries of Love is about love, relationships, but we should go back to friendly relationships, which were really there in the beginning of Hélène and the boys. I think it’s not coming together enough, that there isn’t enough friendly intrigue. We would like some innovation in the themes. I don’t know if he hears it, but Jean-Luc Azoulay knows…

Jean-Luc Azoulay responds to the anger of fans of the Mysteries of love

Well aware of the complaints of internet users, the producer of mysteries of love broke the silence and responded to the many criticisms. However, he does not share the anger of some at all. “It’s more modern lovewith strange couples, so I try to keep up with the times, he explained to All TV. It’s not a drastic change. There are always love stories and sex stories because it goes with love, not all the time, but every now and then. It is called The mysteries of love, not the mysteries of Paris !“Not at all concerned about the criticism and anger of certain fans, Jean-Luc Azoulay insists and signs.”If we listen to the fans, Hélène should always be romantic in the cafeteriabecause they are nostalgic“, he said in particular, admitting that there are “maybe a little too much sex now“.”But it’s a period, it will necessarily calm downhe promised.

Jean-Luc Azoulay also and above all wanted to make a big point: “The story evolves. There are times when you need sex stories, others don’t. And these are never sex storieshe added. They are comic stories. For example, if you take the companies that I did with José, Cathy and Béatrice, as well as the others, it is treated much more in terms of comedy than in terms of sex. They are always situations that are a bit ridiculous, pushed, funny with a lot of ridicule and humor. These are not hot sex situations, The mysteries of love, this is not porn !“As for the performer of Cathy who is no longer happy with her role and the sexual turn of the plot, the producer wanted to be very firm.”It’s his problem. Actors, they always have ideas, but their role is to play what they are told to play“, he launched. The actress of mysteries of love know what to expect!

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