The Princess: What Is This Phenomenon Movie Starring Joey King On Disney+?

By Emilie Gilles

– Posted on July 15, 2022 at 06:00
– Updated on July 13, 2022 at 7:58 PM

It is well known, Disney is trying to make its productions more feminist. And The Princess, his new movie, is one of them. We see Joey King more badass than ever.

since 1er july the movie Princess is available on the Disney+ platform. Joey King, star of The kissing booth, exchanges the romantic comedy for the medieval universe. A historical context to which she is not used. In the past we saw her as a child with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in Crazy, stupid, lovein 2011, or in the science fiction movie Independence Day: Resurgencein 2016. Two years later, She embodies the lead role of The kissing booth. In this trilogy, his heart swings between Joel Courtney and Jacob Elordi (Euphoria). She was also recently seen in the fantasy drama The In-between for Netflix. Also for the American platform, she joined the cast of a romantic comedy starring Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman. If you haven’t already, don’t wait to discover it in Princess !

joey king, Princess badass

For starters, the field is enticing! She plays a rebellious princess who refuses to marry the hideous betrothed (Dominic Cooper) chosen for her. Furious, her father has her locked up in an isolated tower of the castle – which looks a lot like Rapunzel. However, she will have to fight to protect her loved ones and herself, but also to save her kingdom… Spoiler alert: hard to do it from the top of her tower! And beware, this Disney movie is far from watered down like the cartoons. It’s even subject to Disney+ parental controls. For some internet users, Joey King even embodies a female John Wick.

This movie is reminiscent of the Netflix series Cursed: The Rebelwith Katherine Langford (13 reasons why) in the lead. Unlike our childhood heroines, who were quite passive – like Sleeping Beauty – The princess takes her fate into her own hands in this movie. If you compare the character, it seems like there are tunes with Merida, the Scottish princess of Rebel. Hopefully Disney continues its momentum with inspiring princesses.

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