Those who don’t focus on business in games: “idiots”

For the former Electronic Arts boss who now heads Unity, the developers who haven’t turned to microtransactions yet are “damned idiots.”

John Riccitiellobest known for being the former CEO of Electronic Arts (FIFA, TitanFall, The Sims), doesn’t go hand in hand with the studios that haven’t yet opted for the microtransaction in their business plan. New Unity Technologies General Manager, Johnny spoke sharply in the columns of to defend merging the engine with a controversial monetization manager.

Ferrari and some other high-end car manufacturers still use modeling clay and knives. It’s a very small part of the game industry that works that way, and some of those people are my favorite people to fight with – those are the people. the prettiestthe purest and clearest. They are also idiots in a way.

I’ve been in the gaming industry longer than most people – I have gray hair and all. There was a time when developers sent their game to the publisher and to the sellers without any prior interaction. This model is part of the philosophy of many art forms and media, and it is a model I deeply respect; I know their dedication and attention.

But this industry divides people between those who still hold to that philosophy, and those who are deeply interested in how to determine what makes a successful product. And I don’t know a single successful artist who doesn’t care what their reader thinks.

A speech that wants to prove that the pursuit of profit and the contribution of microtransactions and other internal income are beneficial to titles, also in the creative process of a work. A statement that is very close to the way Electronic Arts works, and moreover did not please some developers who did not hesitate to respond to him on social networks.

Tim Soretfounder of Odd Tales Games and creative director of The Last Night, even calls for his dismissal.

It has happened. It’s time to publish an article I’ve been writing for a while Riccitello’s disastrous management in recent yearsdestroys Unity, which was indie, sane and universally loved, turning it into a faceless and meaningless monster.

Riccitiello explains that he has integrated monetization quest as a key component that should appear very early in game development. As a reminder, in 2020, for example, nearly 30% of EA’s revenue came from FIFA Ultimate Team microtransactions. An internal document stated that the publisher should focus all of its efforts on this type of financing.

A wish that now seems to be identical at Unity, which wants to provide tools that allow developers to manage not only the technology, but also the marketing. The general manager Marc Whitten ends like this:

Unity has democratized creation. Today, if I were to tell you that the next big title will be made by two guys living in an apartment in the Philippines, it would affect one without moving the other. There is a beauty in the tools that allow people to discover that they want to earn a living this way, and it is our responsibility to continue this democratization.

[La fusion avec IronSource] stems from the fact that they share the same vision. Make feedback and publishing more transparent, instead of locking it up in the black box of marketers. Creators can now view minute revenue and feedback insights the same way they would rate load times or areas for optimization in their C# code.

Factor news also reminds us that IronSource is known to have created viruses, which was also raised by different developers. After this announcement, the action collapsed on the stock market…

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