Tour de France – The organization chosen for Covid testing!

The basis of positive Covid tests during the second day of rest last Monday had the most followers of the Tour de France, it seemed so unlikely that runners would be affected while the virus was circulating. Part of the explanation may have just been given this Thursday. The association of sports doctors and the commitment of Belgium (SKA) has indeed stated that at least some of the Covid tests that the organizer of the Round, ASOpasses to runners, does not execute”in the rules of art“. She claims to have heard it from three different sources present at the… big loop the last days. “It is dangerous for the runners and their entourage“.

Video – Guillaume Martin had trouble digesting his positive test

‘Team doctors must correct ASO’s laxity, such an organization is unworthy’

SKA has heard from several teams, as well as their doctors or even riders, that the tests performed by ASO do not follow a strict protocol of not inserting the swab far enough into the nose.The association said in a press release on Thursday.If ASO declares that there is no positive case, this should be done with caution. Fortunately, there are many team doctors who take responsibility by retesting themselves. These are often made at the request of runners who have little faith in ASO“.

As a sports physician and chairman of SK, Tom Teulingx believes thatASO, as the organizer of the largest cycling race in the world, must ensure that the Covid tests run smoothly. “Otherwise there is no point in doing them. The checks carried out by ASO must be a certainty for the teams that do not have to carry out new ones immediately afterwards. Today, team doctors must rectify ASO’s laxity. It’s the world upside down. It is unworthy of an organization like ASO. If you can’t provide quality support, you give runners and their environment a false sense of security. Coronavirus is a disease, not an injury“.

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