Tower of Fantasy: The MMO challenging Genshin Impact shows off its combat system

Game news Tower of Fantasy: The MMO challenging Genshin Impact shows off its combat system

Tower Fantasy is an MMORPG on PC and mobile phones, which will seek competition Genshin Impact. Today he reveals a little more of his fights, via a new trailer.

Published by Level Infinite, a subsidiary of Tencent, and developed by Hotta Studio, Tower of Fantasy promises to be an MMORPG often presented as Genshin Impact’s future competitor. Before we know if this will be the case, presents its combat system today.

Solo or multiplayer, in PvE or PvP…

Tower of Fantasy Stages intense combat, in PvE and PvPboth for solo players than for those who prefer to play with friends. The video shows us his dynamic combat system, with combos and dodges as a result, with an emphasis on the skill of the players. In single or multiplayer battles, on the ground or in flightTower of Fantasy should never really let you get bored as the video will let you see the nervousness of the gameplay in these stages. The graphical aspect also looks quite impressive, rich and colorful ! Whether against easy mobs or tougher bosses

Weapons and their variations central to combat gameplay

The weapons are central to the gameplay so it will be necessary to choose them well. Every weapon is available in different variations. you can do it develop your weaponto always add more attributes. Also note that each weapon has four kinds of skills : general attack, dodge, specific ability and combination. These skills can then be further divided into: special attacksinfluenced by level, and static attacks. The game currently offers a dozen guns.

Tower of Fantasy also specifies in a press release:

Each of these weapons has different effects when used in combat:

  • combined attack : When the target of an attack is fully charged, switching weapons can trigger a combo attack.
  • Time-out : Dodge the blow before the monster hits you to trigger the timeout and increase the power of your weapon. Switching weapons activates a combo attack.
  • Elemental Resistance : Monsters have unique weaknesses. Activate the correct elemental attack to deal more damage to them.
  • Shield without attribute : This shield is not resistant to the elements and has no elemental damage reduction effect. Recommended for use with weapons targeting monster weaknesses.
  • physical shield : Cyan Physical Shield is significantly less likely to be broken by Physical Weapons when taking a shield break. Elemental weapons can exploit their weaknesses.

Available soon?

If the game hasn’t been released yet, it’s pre-registrations are already open for all players who want to try Tower of Fantasy. Scheduled for third quarter 2022 (recent hints suggest it could be released in early August), Tower of Fantasy will be available on iOS, Android, Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Tower of Fantasy will be released in Q3 2022 on PC, iOS and Android.

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