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Berlin/Sofia (ots) – Spending this year’s family vacation in Bulgaria is a good idea, as Bulgaria is trendy for many good reasons and is an ideal travel destination for families looking for a offer for an active vacation, close to nature and beaches – then want to visit a multifaceted country.

Located on the Black Sea, Bulgaria has something for everyone, from dramatic mountains and sandy beaches to picturesque traditional villages, numerous thermal springs and natural pools. For more peace, you can also find surprisingly quiet corners here, where the loudest noise in the area will be the chirping of crickets.

Bulgaria is a diverse country, because not only wonderful beaches with white sand and clear water, but also a wide range of water sports, various water parks and lots of entertainment on the beach promenades, which are very inexpensive and diversified compared to other Europeans. countries. Besides classic beach holidays, the interior of the country also has a lot to offer with cultural tourism, thermal springs and hiking areas in various national parks and mountains. Part of it is best explored on foot or by bicycle. You will be amazed by the many aspects!

Sustainability is increasingly valued and it is naturally present in Bulgaria. The local food is always excellent, especially since the fruit and vegetable crops are grown naturally in Bulgaria and not in greenhouses. The mountains are still very original and are home to many wild plants and animals. When you think of a family vacation, you might be surprised how refreshing simple things can be. If you are traveling with children to Bulgaria, you can experience the fresh mountain air and precious spring water along scenic mountain roads directly from the capital Sofia an hour away.

The resorts, Vitosha and Borovets offer many recreational opportunities for families, such as hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and rock climbing. In the charming village of Melnik, one can plan a nice and easy hike to the spectacular sandstone pyramids and Rozhen Monastery. Evenings should definitely end with a wine tasting in a quaint wine cellar. On the way to the Rhodopes, the 290 km long Arda River accompanies the journey along towering rocks, trees and untouched nature. Paddling in the water by kayak between the villages of Gorno Pole and Borislavtsi is just the ticket that will delight parents and children alike. While some sections of the Arda glisten more, a gold rush experience awaits visitors. Try panning for gold here – you never know what you might find. Along the route are small towns such as Shiroka Laka, a pretty town in the Rhodope Mountains. The roads are very scenic and along the way you can stop at caves in stunning gorges.

The classic of a summer family vacation is the golden sands – north of the port city of Varna on the Black Sea. Along with the famous Golden Sands, it is considered one of the Bulgarian destinations that attract tourists from all over the world. The fine, shimmering golden sand stretches for over 3.5 kilometers and offers the perfect destination for sun worshipers and water sports enthusiasts. Many diving, sailing and surfing schools are located there. The resort also includes a wide range of wellness and spa facilities. The hinterland with its large forests is an El Dorado for hikers and mountain bikers.

On the southern part of the Black Sea coast, in the Burgas region, you will find the resort of Sunny Beach, one of the best destinations for bathing pleasures in Bulgaria. With over 8 km of dream beaches, a wide range of entertainment and sports and extensive hotel complexes, nothing is left to be desired. Especially young vacationers and families feel at home here.

If you’re looking for some quiet on the beach, you can always find great deals like Primorsko, which are lightly commercialized and offer well-deserved relaxation. Many define Primorsko as a city of young people with excellent conditions for recreation: undeveloped beaches surrounded by wild nature. It is located to the south, near the Arcutino Nature Reserve, about 3 kilometers from the mouth of the Ropotamo River. Crystal clear water, shallow bay, calm sea and all this picturesque picture is guarded by a beautiful oak forest. This is one of our favorite beaches and is called Pearl Beach.

Golfers may also be amazed at what Bulgaria has to offer. Three golf courses lie side by side at Cape Kaliakra and its sheer cliffs, attracting golfers from spring through late fall, with breathtaking views along the way. Or book the combination – sunbathe by the pools of one of the hotels during the day before playing golf in the late afternoon.

Bulgaria offers a great variety for those seeking relaxation, active vacationers and nature lovers.

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