“A difficult moment”: Julie (Love is in the meadow) reveals she was a victim of a miscarriage

Julie, Candidate for Season 12 of Love is in the meadow, gave an interview to current wife this Thursday, June 9, 2022. She returned to the miscarriage she suffered in September 2017 from which she is struggling to recover.

The new season of Love is in the meadow will soon be broadcast on M6. Karine Le Marchand makes a comeback with new farmers who will do everything they can to find true love. And often it works. Indeed, it is not uncommon for farmers to leave hand in hand. For most, the adventure continues outside, but sometimes they get disappointed. This is especially true for Julie, the Season 12 flagship nominee, which aired in 2017.

In an interview on The channel press in August 2019 she had announced that she was divorced from Jean-Michel, her lover from Marseille: “The problem with Jean-Michel is that we have always seen life together very differently. He is a loner, I like to be surrounded. There was an attraction, but we didn’t share enough everyday things. We settled together very quickly, maybe too fast, but it was to give us a chance and avoid a distance of 1,200 km”she confided.

“At one point in my life I was ready to do one myself”

A few months later, Julie let go with pure people. She had then revealed that she had become pregnant with Jean-Michel, but that she had miscarried: “I didn’t want to talk about things that were too personal. In fact, the shooting took place in early June and I made the decision to divorce Jean-Michel two weeks later (…). I went to the balance sheet because I got everyone back wanted to see.” A topic she agreed to revisit in the columns of current wife.

This Thursday, June 9, 2022, the farmer’s wife returned to this period that could not have been more painful and from which she still struggles today: “At the time, it was difficult because it was something I mostly expected and which meant I started without even knowing if it was the right person. The desire to have children had taken over. It was a difficult time for me. At the 11-week ultrasound, I heard that the fetus hadn’t grown for three weeks. it was brutal“. A drama that didn’t take away from her desire to become a mother one day, on one condition “But it will only be with someone I really love. At some point in my life I was ready to make one myself. This is no longer the case today. I worked on loneliness to feel good. Everything that happens is a plus. I’m okay with myself.” A nice proof of resilience.

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