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An Englishman has started a large-scale breeding of frog eggs. In total, more than a million of them would have been recovered by July 1, 2022. A hobby captured on the social network TikTok, which some UK experts believe, however, could be dangerous to biodiversity and pose a “risk of disease”.

While some choose dogs or cats as pets, others make more surprising choices. An Englishman known by the pseudonym thinfrog on the social network TikTok went viral, bringing together two million subscribers on the social network and nearly 21 million views. The reason ? This anonymous user published a series of videos from February 2022 in which he collected thousands of frog eggs in a pond near his home, the British newspaper reported on July 10. the guard.

“I wanted to create the largest army of frogs in history”, in particular explained the videographer who was presented by the media across the Channel as a student, but whose identity is unknown. However, a hobby that does not remain without consequences and that “concerned many experts”underlines the everyday.


the gigantic frog army is getting bigger😈🐸

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Bad taste initiative to “break through” TikTok, or real approach to scientific interest? The reasons for thinfrog to collect all these frog eggs are not known. However, the Englishman claims in his most recent videos to have collected 1.4 million frog eggs that he installed in a swimming pool he built himself. According to our colleagues from the site Ulyces.com, he hopes to reach the ten million amphibians he has. in the endinstall in a giant pond by 2023.

On July 3, 2022, Thinfrog posted a video to TikTok announcing that his frogs had escaped in a field near his home. His frog breeding project would therefore no longer be relevant. But in the comments of his latest video, the young man asked his community what army to create next, giving them a choice between snakes, fish and salamanders.

An initiative “dangerous for biodiversity”

If Tiktoker’s approach seems to be bringing him visibility on the web, these videos have: “The experts were very concerned”Remark the guard. At the request of the British media, Tierra Curry, a biologist at the Center for Biological Diversity in the United States, explained that this type of farming can be dangerous for biodiversity. “Moving species such as frogs and butterflies can have major consequences. Instead of helping them, this person is hurting the animals they release into the environment and those that already live there. This creates a risk of diseases and invasive species. »

Chris Nagano, former Endangered Species biologist, United States Department of Wildlife Protection (FWS): “I have no doubt that this person thought he was doing the right thing, but it could even drive the species to extinction. »

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A phenomenon that has been adopted by other videographers

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The community TikTok was quick to capitalize on this trend. In particular, some have asked the Tiktokeur for advice on catching frog eggs. For example, a user of the platform named arkeslo indicated in a video that he would release hundreds of thousands of ladybugs in Central Park, New York, for thirty “likes” on his website. TikTok. While we cannot confirm the veracity of these statements, the video of the release of the swarm of ladybugs has been viewed nearly four million times.

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