Actress Constance Wu opens up about suicide attempt three years ago after Twitter detective

American actress Constance Wu, one of the stars of the film Crazy Rich Asians (2018), tried to commit suicide three years ago, following comments about her on social networks, she confided on July 14.

In 2019, the actress faced an outpouring of criticism for her comments on Twitter about the sitcom Hot off the press (Welcome to the Huangs in French), in which she starred with a cast mainly of Asian descent. Unable to handle the humiliation and message of another Asian-American actress calling her one “plague on the Asian-American community”she had decided to end her life.

In her controversial 2019 tweet, she expressed her pain over the hit show’s revamp Hot off the press for a sixth season. For the actress, that meant putting her other projects on hold at the time, what had “So sad” to the point of crying, in his own words on Twitter. The backlash from this comment was fierce, with many internet users criticizing his lack of appreciation for the sitcom’s success.

“I felt like I didn’t even deserve to live anymore. That I was a disgrace to the AsAms (Asian Americans, Asian Americans, editor’s note)and that they would be better off without me”wrote Constance Wu in a long message on Twitter on July 14. “Fortunately, a friend found me and immediately took me to the emergency room.“, the actress wrote without giving more details. After this suicide attempt, the actress put her career on hold and temporarily left social networks to focus on her mental health. She has now decided to share her story to start a debate about mental health health within the Asian community in the United States.

‘AsAms talks too little about psychological problems’the star argued. “Because we quickly celebrate victories”more sensitive or awkward questions are avoided “within our community”she continued. “Even though I’m scared, I’ve decided it’s up to me to be brave and share my story so it can help” other people in this situation, the actress wrote.

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