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Discover the comprehensive summary of Un si grand soleil season 4 pre-episode 923 from Thursday 21 July 2022 on France 2. Aurore has hidden her game well, is Enzo in danger? Florent feels that Philippe Verneuil is lying. Manu is not ready to let his daughter go to Korea.

The complete summary of the soap opera Un si Grand soleil from 21-07-22 with all spoilers and preview photos from the episode of day 923. #UnSiGrandSoleil

Manu does not accept Camille to leave Montpellier

Find the full summary of Such a big sun episode 923 broadcast on France 2 on Thursday 21 July 2022 (see the summaries preceding Un si grand soleil ): the detailed summary of the previous episode Such a big sun episode 922 is online.

Enzo and Aurore sleep together and both spend the night. Aurore asks Enzo to keep their relationship a secret so as not to complicate her father’s case. The complicity is there.

Enzo comes home early in the morning with a smile and croissants. He confesses to Kira that he slept with Aurore. Enzo says he never felt what he feels for Aurore. Kira promises not to say anything.

Marvin USGS

Marvin encourages Steve to leave

Verneuil tells Florent that he remembers something about Drieu. He saw his driver in the parking lot arguing with someone who had been in a Spanish accident. Florent feels he should have given this information from the start.
Florent confides in Johanna, he thinks something was wrong in his version. Florent increasingly thinks that Verneuil could be involved in traffic.

Steve and Camille meet again in high school: Steve announces to him that he has been accepted in Seoul and that his scholarship has been accepted. Steve is worried, he wants to know what Camille thinks.
Camille thinks their relationship will last despite the distance because they love each other.


Carole is attracted to Gary

Laetitia tells Manu that he’s gotten cooler since he’s been with Eve. She thinks Eve has a nice influence on him.

Steve comes to visit his brother Marvin in prison: he doesn’t want him to miss his chance. He thinks Steve should go to Korea. Marvin tells his brother that he is proud of him.

Florent USGS

Florent loses faith in his friend Verneuil

Gary and Carole continue to spend time together, they garden. Gary says the earth calms him down. Carole explains to Gary that it makes her feel good to talk to him. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Such a big sun already episode 923 of July 21, 2022: Camille ready to do everything for Steve

Over dinner with Manu, Camille tells Steve that she’s going to Seoul in August… and then enrolls in French high school. They would leave for at least a year. Manu doesn’t want her to go because he thinks Camille is underage. Camille and Steve leave the meal before it has even started.
Steve reassures Camille that he won’t leave without her. It’s together or nothing.

Manu explains to Eve what Camille wants to do. Eve finds the project interesting and has to think about it. Manu isn’t ready to send Camille 10,000 miles away from him.


Thierry and Manu in the field

Enzo picks up Aurore from the company, she tells him she’s stressed… the day was complicated. Enzo offers a drink, but she tells him she has a date. In fact, Aurore finds Pilar Otero.

Our opinion

The +

  • Enzo has started on the galleys, Aurore is not who he thinks
  • Nice to see Marvin again (even in jail)
  • Gary in love, it’s been a long time since his heart capsized


  • Camille and Steve a series departure for Seoul?
  • Camille and Manu’s arguments…it’s been a long time!!!


Melanie Maudran, Fred Bianconi, Alban Aumard, Chrystelle Labaude, Maelle Mietton, Moïse Santamaria, Fred Bianconi, Fabrice Deville

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To be continued on full summary Such a big sun episode 924 broadcast on Friday 22 July on France 2 with Fred Bianconic who plays Virgil, the former co-director of Senso and Tonya Kinzinger that dr. Janet Lewis plays.

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