Can our birds still be saved?

Letter to the editor on the situation of birds in the local landscape

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Even if other problems preoccupy us at the moment, we must not lose sight of the extinction of species. If the population of an everyday bird like the tree sparrow is today considered threatened (early warning level), this is very worrying and should make you think.

The decline of birds is also clearly visible on cherry trees, where there are practically no black spots (birds) as in the past. Just as the partridge, the hamster and others disappeared from our landscape years ago, today it is the cuckoo or the hoopoe, for example, which are also slowly disappearing, and we will have to say goodbye to many other species of birds and animals in the future.

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The “Red List” of endangered animals and plants keeps growing and species are dying faster than the “Red List” can be updated. Experts estimate that up to 150 plant and animal species disappear from the earth every day. More than half of the bird species that breed in Germany are endangered and around 20 are already considered extinct.

The main causes are known, but as you can see, we are not stopping species extinction with the shy bird protection measures we have taken so far. These act like the proverbial drop in the ocean.

A radical change in our previous behavior towards nature would be necessary, but this is not in sight. It is also frightening that many people are completely indifferent to the extinction of species and that optimal cell phone reception in the forest seems to them much more important than a flying or singing bird.

But make no mistake about it, because if biodiversity disappears, then our life, or that of our whole planet, is threatened. Without restoring their livelihoods, nearly extinct animals (birds) and plants will not return.

Many birds suffer from a lack of food and suitable nesting sites. This means: feeding not only in winter and providing nesting aids (nesting boxes) whenever possible. Besides climate change, species extinction also threatens life on earth. Species protection should therefore be given the same priority as climate protection, which is not currently the case.

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