Christophe Galtier confides in his arrival at PSG!

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For his first outing of the season and in his new colors, Christophe Galtier did not miss it. The coach of Rouge-et-Bleu, winner of Quevilly-Rouen Métropole (2-0) on the occasion of the first friendly match of Paris Saint-Germain, has already left some indications of the new face he wants to give to the capital club. Extensively questioned, this Saturday morning, in the daily The team, the 55-year-old French technician returned to various topics. His appointment, his ambitions, the doubts that surround him, his legitimacy and his project. Everything happened there.

Now on the bench from Paris training, Christophe Galtier plans to take advantage “the talent of the players” and from “the technical quality observed during the first sessions” to achieve his goals both on the national stage and in the Champions League. With these responsibilities, though, whoever brought LOSC to the top during the 2020-2021 season wanted to remind that his introduction had been planned for several weeks, despite Zinedine Zidane’s rumor. “I had conversations with Luis Campos (PSG football adviser) but also with my chairman (Nasser al-Khelaïfi) who assured me that I would be the future coach of PSG. On this subject I want to be brief. Zizou is Zizou. He has an incredible track record. Zizou is unique. But most importantly, my constant exchanges with my president and Luis (Campos)”.

Christophe Galtier wants to win everything!

Later asked about his way of leading the group and a collective of stars, Galtier certainly acknowledged the obligation to adopt a different methodology, but has no intention of giving up discipline, a point his president has insisted on: “Life rules will be introduced, which I will present to the group. Some things will be negotiable, others non-negotiable. I alternate with the players, because it is necessary to take into account the extra-sporting obligations of the players, but very precise rules will have to be followed. They will have to commit. And whoever the player is, if he has no valid reason not to respect them, he will just sideline. It will happen by itself. We are not in the military either. I will never make a decision without considering each other’s opinion.. Aware of the pressures and responsibilities he faces, Christophe Galtier is nevertheless an ambitious coach, ready to take whatever comes his way, despite the doubts surrounding his appointment to the French capital’s club.

“Once you’re at PSG, you always have a result obligation. I am very ambitious. With great humility. I came to Paris to win. There are already three national titles: we have to win them. You have to break records. And in all modesty I tell you: I came to Paris to win everything.declared the main concerned before being revived to a win in the Champions League. “And why not? Do you know who won the first Champions League with Chelsea? This is (Roberto) Di Matteo (in 2012). Who would have given him a penny? (…) I understand there is discussion about it my legitimacy, especially as we had a bad run in the Champions League with Lille (1 point in the group stage in 2019-2020). But these six games will serve me well. In retrospect, I am not the standard-bearer for French coaches. is up to me to show that I am capable of leading an army of very, very good players If I hadn’t felt able to take this pressure I would have been elsewhere..

Galtier sends a message to Neymar, Messi and Mbappe!

Confident of his strength and accomplice with Luis Campos, Galtier also insisted on the importance “being very well attuned between a coach and a sports advisor” before adding “When people think Luis does everything, they think what they want. I know how we work”. The former Aiglons coach, who lined up 3-5-2 against QRM on PSG’s first summer outing, eventually tackled the tactical part, focusing in particular on the roles of Neymar, Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappe. “In the attacking field there will be playing time for everyone. I know where Neymar can feel comfortable, be it slightly higher off the hook or for two midfielders, Neymar, like Leo (Messi), they are facilitators, players who have the ability to be found between the lines and decisive”.

The Marseille native, eager to rely on his stars, despite everything, remembers how important it is to rely on a collective. “We are not going to let him (Mbappé, editor’s note) bear all the responsibility. He is a 23-year-old boy, who has a certain mastery of events. He knows what people are going to expect from him, but there are other players around too. I’m not trying to take any pressure off him. Kylian knows what he wants, knows where he wants to go, what he wants to do with his career, so automatically, this pressure, he has it.. While sending a positive message to La Pulga: “As far as I can see for ten days, he is a fully invested player. The rest, the whole planet knows what he is capable of.. Communication test over, now it’s game time.

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