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Mental illnesses are on the rise and obesity remains a problem. The quality of life of the elderly and dental health have improved.

The city is now taking stock of how to improve the health of Viennese: “Vienna is on track to meet the goals by 2025”, says Kristina Hametner, head of the Office for Women’s Health and Health Goals .

This year, compared to 2015, there are more six-year-olds in Vienna with healthy teeth and a better quality of life for people over 60. At the same time, however, there are more sick days and early retirements due to mental illness. . On balance, the City of Vienna sees both progress and challenges for the health of its inhabitants.

Lots of progress, some setbacks

A total of nine objectives were formulated seven years ago. In the spirit of “Health in all policies”, the focus was on the health of the Viennese at all stages of life and 33 indicators were formulated. These indicators can be used to determine and measure on a small scale if and where the Vienna Health Goals have progressed or regressed.

Regarding the three main objectives – “Equal health opportunities from the start”, “Health promotion in the world of work” and “Quality of life for older people” – “positive developments predominate” , according to the head of the Bureau for Women’s Health and Health Goals.

Advances in Child and Youth Health

There are clear signs of progress for pregnant women, children and young people. With regard to pregnancy and childbirth, the rate of premature births, spontaneous deliveries, assisted deliveries, deliveries of women under 20 and the proportion of pregnant women who smoke have improved.

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The children’s dental health has also improved. More and more six-year-olds with caries-free teeth are counted in Vienna. The proportion of young people who have dropped out of school and are in early training is falling. There is also good news: children and young people are no longer as critical of their body image as they were a few years ago. And that smoking isn’t so popular with teenagers anymore.

Fewer workplace accidents, more certified employers

In the world of work, the proportion of employees in companies with the BGF (occupational medicine) label has increased and the number of workplace accidents has decreased. It is also gratifying that more people over 50 are now employed.

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There are also positive trends among the over 60s in Vienna. The subjective state of health, the quality of life and the increase in life expectancy of the elderly and elderly, some of whom are in very good health, bring the objectives closer together. “This update confirms the important work of everyone working on Vienna’s health goals. Together we can achieve the ambitious goals,” said City Councilor for Health Peter Hacker (SP).

Obesity remains a problem

The figures for overweight and obesity are less encouraging: the proportion of pregnant women and obese students has increased. Expectations have also not been met when it comes to the mental health of employees – the sometimes weak mental constitution is attributed to the Covid pandemic.

More offers on obesity and diabetes:

It is necessary to extend the existing structures in which medical, dietary, psychological and social care can be offered “under one roof”. The range of medical care in Vienna is already expanding: Austria’s first diabetes center in Vienna-Favoriten is scheduled to open at the end of 2022. Up to 8,000 patients can be treated there each year.

▶ Recognize mental illnesses at an early stage:

The early intervention approach – reaching employees with appropriate measures before they become mentally ill and recognizing the red flags – needs to be strengthened. Barriers to accessing rehabilitation services must be removed. Instruments such as part-time reintegration work should be more widely disseminated.

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