Coils, mosquito nets, essential oils… How do you protect yourself against mosquitoes?

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There are many techniques to keep mosquitoes away. Between oils, repellents, or even the use of bats, which ones are worth trying?

Alas, who says return of the heat, says return of the mosquitoes. This summer, the latter are in abundance all over France, to the chagrin of people who want to protect themselves by any means necessary. It must be said that there are many techniques, from mosquito nets to essential oils and bats, which one should you remember?

The classics: mosquito nets and spirals

This is perhaps the simplest but also the most radical way to combat mosquitoes. The mosquito net prevents the insect from reaching your body and therefore provides you with absolute immunity. You can find them at very affordable prices on the Internet or in stores. Negative point, you can’t take your mosquito net everywhere with you, so you have to look for alternatives if you are sitting on the terrace for example.

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Outside this summer we see more and more small green mosquito coils under the tables. Just turn them on and the smoke they give off will scare away mosquitoes. “They repel mosquitoes around their immediate area. For example, on a large patio you need one at each end,” notes the UFC Que Choisir website. Another very well-known method: the diffuser, which works more or less in the same way, but thanks to electricity.

The Body: Insect Repellents and Essential Oils

There is a large amount of mosquito repellent. Whether in spray or ointment form, they are applied to the skin and should deter the insect. “The most effective mosquito repellents are based on DEET in concentrations of 25%, 30% or even 50%,” recalls the UFC Que-Choisir. For example, in the enormous amount of insect repellents you will find organic products based on essential oils. Be careful though, some repellents are not recommended for young children or pregnant women.

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In terms of “physical” solution, you can also simply opt for the shower. You should know that mosquitoes have a good sense of smell and are attracted to the smell of your sweat. After showering, you reduce the chance of stinging.

The Originals: Ground Coffee and Bats

These techniques may be less effective than the aforementioned. However, they are interesting or even completely adapted to your way of working. Animal lovers can, for example, place bat houses near your patio. The animal can swallow hundreds of mosquitoes per hour. Unfortunately, this technique is not effective during the day.

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Another could be from burning in a container of ground coffee. Indeed, the smoke will repel the bloodthirsty animal. Especially because this method is 100% ecological.

There are also actions to know to limit mosquito invasions. In particular, it inverts watering cans, cups, jars and other containers that can lead to standing pools of water that the animal loves.

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