Electricity and gas: in 2023 prices would rise “for who can afford it”?

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When the tariff shield – which the government has put in place to protect the French from rising energy prices – expires, the government is considering more targeted measures.

Imperceptible. On the energy market, the rise in electricity and gas prices has little impact on the French for the time being. The tariff shield introduced by the French government a few months ago makes it possible to freeze energy prices, at least until the end of the year.

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And after that ? The government is considering more targeted measures. “From January 1, 2023, it will be necessary for electricity and gas to help more people who need it. There should also be increases for those who can afford it. To say that we will take into account the level of income of people,” said the Minister of Economic Affairs, Bruno Le Maire, on LCIA last July 11.

Bruno Le Maire also commented on the price increases that would have occurred if this shield had not been placed: “The price of gas should have increased by 50%, the French saw a 0% increase, after an increase in September – October 2021, continues the minister. I invite all our compatriots to look at their gas bills, add up 50% in their heads and say to themselves: ‘That’s the state that made it happen.’ The same goes for electricity, the price must have increased by 35%, it has only increased by 4%”.

“More Targeted Mechanisms”

The Minister of Economic Affairs is following the comments of Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne two days earlier. “We are not going to expose the most modest French people to reckless increases in energy prices,” said the government leader, who said she wanted to move from “general mechanisms to more targeted ones”.

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Elisabeth Borne was also asked about the possibility of introducing a tax on energy players who “would benefit too much” from the rise in energy prices. “Basically, of course, if there are people taking superprofits out of the crisis, then we want it to be able to benefit everyone and ease the burdens that the crisis can bring. After that, it’s not quite easy.. .”, she said.

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