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Today it is impossible to talk about the famous brand of mobile phones and technology Apple without going into the iPhonesthem iPadsbut especially the Apple Watch. These are revolutionary connected watches that have changed the lives of many people. Nowadays it is rare to find a user ofiPhone without sound Apple Watch.

As usual, the house Apple never releases a single edition of its products. Every year a new category comes out and the last one is even more successful than the last. This is especially the case with theApple Watch Series 8 which is about to be launched on the market. Here are the main takeaways!

The Apple Watch series 8: when will this connected watch be released?

So it’s especially important to point out that the official release date simply hasn’t been officially set yet. However, when the release dates of old Apple Watch, is it possible to make a deduction. Indeed, the predecessors of the 8 were all released on a Friday in the month of September. The only exception is that of theApple Watch 7 which was not released until October 15, 2021. This is due to manufacturing issues and the shortage of components used in the production of the Series 7.

However, taking into account the previous data, it is possible to say that the Apple technology house is its new Apple Watch Series 8 during the month of September 2022 and more specifically on September 23. Although the date has not yet been officially confirmed, keep in mind that you will see this new gem on the market towards the end of September.

The Apple Watch Series 8: How Much Does It Sell For?

Unexpectedly, there is no leaked pricing information about theApple Watch Series 8. Usually it was possible to get an idea of ​​​​the cost of the devices, but in the present case not of the house Applenor the informants nearbyApple leaked nothing.

However, considering the price of old Apple Watch, it is possible to estimate the costs of the latter. Thus, based on the collected information, it appears that theApple Watch accessible through 429 euros about. Prepare your budget accordingly to apply the new jewel of the house Apple !

The Apple Watch Series 8: some new features

One thing is certain, when Apple releases a new product, it is clear that it will be more efficient than the old one, whether in terms of functionality or simply aesthetics. For example, the technology house has already made a lot of progress in the field, especially with the fast charging.This is, of course, a feature that comes back with theApple Watch Series 8 , but as you can imagine, there are many more surprises. What is it about ?

In fact, the new gem Applewill be equipped with a energy saving mode . Interesting isn’t it? This actually allows you to reduce and in turn increase your energy consumption autonomy from your connected watch. A solution for people who don’t have time to charge, but who also like to spend the whole day with their Apple Watch.

In addition, it seems, among other things, that the new device will be equipped with a S8 chip what would allow performance improvement of the watch. In fact, the new Apple Watch Series 8will be a real revolution.

Now that you know a little more about this latest innovation, stay tuned so you don’t miss out on the upcoming launch.

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