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In addition to the tourism strategy 2022-2026, François Werner and Béatrice Cuif-Mathieu presented the new metropolitan tourist magazine: Visit Nancy. Photo DR

By revealing its roadmap for 2022-2026, the entity in charge of business and leisure tourism shows that it innovates and intends to stay in the race for popular destinations. Development of well-being and health with Nancy Thermal, attractiveness with a threatening territory, future hotel complexes, renewal of tours, in short, the direction and the ambition are given.

In the den of the Jean-Marie Pelt Botanical Garden in Villers-lès-Nancy, François Werner, President of Destination Nancy, and Béatrice Cuif-Mathieu, General Manager, had invited the press on Tuesday 12 July. What could be better than sitting in the shade of a tree in the heart of this green lung that welcomed nearly 140,000 visitors in 2019 and already more than 90,000 in the first six months of this year, to shape the future of tourism in Greater Nancy to be discussed and the promotion conditions until 2026.

The Destination Nancy president, who is also the first metropolitan vice president with particular responsibility for attractiveness, knows he is expected in this area. If the past two years have put the first strategies on hold, the Destination Nancy teams have opted for resilience and concentrated their efforts to get out of the crisis. “We have launched a lot in the short and medium term during this unprecedented period. The recovery is as fierce as it is uncertain. With also a very perceptible desire for other tourism which is illustrated by more directness. With variations in tools and methods that must constantly adapt to proposed experiences that have waned over the seasons and a search for emotions. One thing is certain: the enthusiasm and the will is there, both on the part of the visitors and of the tourism professionals in the area who are ready, impatient and eager to return to their habits”, explains François Werner in the preamble .

When directness is in fashion, it is also necessary to project yourself. For Greater Nancy, the target is obviously 2023 and the arrival of Nancy Thermal, which appears to be the structuring axis in terms of attractiveness for the next few years. In this sense, a whole tourism and communication strategy will be launched in the coming weeks. Listening to Destination Nancy’s president providing the details of this roadmap, you’d think you were sitting on college benches listening to a communications strategy. Start with the basics, of course. “We need to ensure consistent, lasting visibility that everyone can see. For this we need an identified position. We want to, but above all we can position ourselves much more strongly than before as a metropolis of well-being, sport and health. With Nancy thermal, of course, but not alone,” announces the chosen one.

Soon a brand of territory?

By continuing the strategy thread, François Werner arrives at the visual identity. After the flop of the signature “Nancy, your place is here”, after several years where the file seems to have stuck, after differences in internal strategy it seems, it will have been necessary to wait two years of mandate for that a brand of territory finally makes its arrival in Greater Nancy. The Holy Grail? Far from it and no party too soon, it’s not here yet. “Nancy, your place is here” was a signature that appealed internally, but the nod of the Place was not perceived outside. Here’s how. Work on the visual identity of the area is still in progress and the hook will be different It is no longer a matter of communicating through a place but a more general or more generic concept By leaving a good part to well-being, health and sport Hopefully we can present this image element at the start of the school year. At least for the opening of the baths of Nancy, that’s for sure! “says François Werner, certainly not forgetting that 2023 is tomorrow and that it would be time to get our heads out of the water on this topic.

Destination Nancy’s president continues his development. Various works will have to be carried out in this four-year roadmap. With the professionalization of professions related to tourism with know-how to be strengthened and skills to be developed in order to always respond in the best possible way to changes in the sector. Also a symbol of development and increase in scale, the area wants to see the quality of the accommodation offer improve. “It is not a matter of saying that the existing is bad, far from it. But stepping up in the market with the creation of a 4-star hotel that meets the standards and services expected in particular by foreign customers is a project to be realized. Just like experimenting with new concepts”, explains François Werner. We understand between the lines and so we see the idea, already in the pipes in recent years, of a new generation youth hostel that is all the rage in the major European cities. Such as the desire to have a design hotel in line with Mama Shelter and other Starck bastions. Which locations do you want? Little information about it. One thing is certain: the 4-star hotel will have to be located halfway between the Prouvé convention center and the future thermal center of Nancy. The former School of Fine Arts on Avenue Boffrand, which is available immediately or almost, and the future former judicial city that is not about to move despite everything, or even a piece of land left on Nancy Grand Coeur, stand out. Case follows.

Tourist hiking trails in September

While waiting for these projects to get off the ground, that’s where the concrete is. Béatrice Cuif-Mathieu regains control. “With attendances up 7% in the first half of 2022 compared to 2019, the resumption of groups, the return of European clients, not to mention the professional meetings sector relaunching with almost 12 international congresses organized in Nancy. 2022, the work is intense and the stakes are high. We must pursue the development of sustainable and local tourism. Our latest innovations in the field of tourism are in this direction and we are constantly in reflection. For example, new guided tours have been launched to combine heritage discoveries, Art Nouveau, well-being related to the thermal baths of Nancy, but also sports or the desire for nature that convinces many visitors. Tailor-made proposals will also be devised during the organization of the National Congress of Firefighters in September,” explains Destination Nancy’s general manager.

After the digital interfaces that allow to create its course according to its wishes, Destination Nancy pursues the innovation by creating paths for pedestrians. By means of pictograms on the ground, a visit to the historic center will be possible from September next year, just to walk criss-cross through the streets and not miss any buildings. Two other routes will follow from 2023: Art Nouveau and a nature walk on the side of Rives de Meurthe. Taking advantage of the charms of the heritage, the local gastronomy, recharging your batteries in natural spaces and tomorrow in the thermal baths of Nancy, Destination Nancy wants to put all the arguments to their side to simply give visitors preference to Nancy , stay there to come back better.

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