Football Bordeaux – The Girondins de Bordeaux announce it, they deserve the L2

This Friday, the Girondins de Bordeaux and their president Gérard Lopez presented their case to the Bordeaux Commercial Court. At the end of this leg, the Bordeaux discourse was clear: the Girondins must play in Ligue 2 next season.

Dead and buried. Gérard Lopez cannot imagine this attitude for a second in front of his Bordeaux club. Following the DNCG’s decision to relegate the Girondins to National next season, the Bordeaux shareholder and president is struggling to change the situation and save a club that is more threatened by bankruptcy than ever. In recent days, Lopez has been preparing his response to sanctions and calling on his creditors and the government to support the historic French football club. After the demonstrations of popular support, however, the biggest problem came back on the table: Bordeaux’s finances.

Bordeaux demands justice and its place in L2

This Friday afternoon, Gérard Lopez attended the Bordeaux Commercial Court to take his case to court and plead his case. He presented the new parts at play as the agreement reached between his club, shareholder Jogo Bonito and creditors King Street and Fortress. Accompanied by the club’s general manager, Thomas Jacquemier, he presented the debt reduction plan and confirmed the trusteeship of 24 million euros.

Gérard Lopez had confirmed that the club could go until the end of the next Ligue 2 season without the slightest player sales. The club’s lawyer, Me Laurent Cotteret, was even optimistic with an unequivocal statement. ” Pending the decision of the commercial court, the referral to the CNOSF suspends the decision of the DNCG: legally we are in Ligue 2 “, he said. The commercial court will rule on Tuesday before the CNOSF’s opinion on the sporting situation of the Girondins. The FFF will then give its opinion on whether or not to reintegrate Bordeaux into the Ligue 2 championship. Bordeaux and Gérard Lopez know that their future and the upcoming season, which starts on July 30, is now being played and a wrong move is completely out of the question.

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