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Berlin (dpa) – According to Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann, the federal government’s concept for the Corona fall should provide for “some form of mask requirement”.

“The effectiveness of masks for private individuals indoors is undisputed,” the FDP politician told newspapers from the Funke media group. “That’s why some form of mask requirement indoors will definitely play a part in our concept. We’re already working with mask requirements on local public transport.”

No lockdowns or school closures

At the same time, according to him, some large-scale interventions are out of the question for the traffic light coalition: “We agree in the coalition that there will be no more confinements, no more general closures of schools and no more curfews either.” They are “inappropriate instruments in the third year of the pandemic”.

Buschmann is currently negotiating with Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach (SPD) over corona measures which should in principle be possible in the future. Because in September the legal basis for the now severely restricted basic measures will expire. At the same time, a further sharp increase in the number of infections is to be feared during the cold season. While Lauterbach had already come out in favor of a mask requirement indoors, Buschmann had expressed reservations last month that he initially wanted to wait for an expert report on corona measures which had now been obtained.

Buschmann: Concept by the end of the month

The Minister of Justice warned that “what awaits us in autumn and winter” must be taken very seriously. Regarding the timetable, he said: “I am confident that we will have a concept at the end of the month, which we will then discuss with the federal states in August, and in September we will make the amendment to the law on protection against infections through Parliament.”

The Minister of Justice announced that he would create “clear and understandable rules”. As other stipulations, he mentioned that it can be proven that the measures are useful – and that the rules are “conservative of fundamental rights, that is to say proportionate”.

Buschmann also raised the prospect of an “ambitious vaccination campaign” in nursing homes and nursing homes. In addition, the traffic light ensures that “the best and most modern vaccines” are available in good time. To assess the corona situation, he relies on a “cluster of indicators”. It is very important for him “that we finally get better data from hospitals”. The impact has lost much of its meaning. For example, testing sewage for the corona virus could also help better predict waves of infection. “The indiscriminate theft of data must end.”

Critique of Lauterbach’s recommendation for second booster vaccinations

Meanwhile, Health Minister Lauterbach came under renewed criticism, who had campaigned for a second vaccination booster on a wider front – not just among people aged 60 or 70. CSU health politician Stephan Pilsinger therefore accused the Social Democrat in “Augsburger Allgemeine” of frightening and confusing the population. “Such a statement against the recommendations of the relevant Permanent Vaccination Commission and the European Medicines Agency is a slap in the face for all those who believe in an understandable and evidence-based pandemic policy,” he told the network. editorial Germany. Pilsinger spoke to the two editors about a “revival package for the lateral thinkers movement.”

Lauterbach had said that if you wanted to enjoy the summer without the risk of disease, he would also recommend a fourth vaccination – “in consultation with the family doctor, of course” – for younger children as well. The Standing Commission on Vaccination (Stiko) has so far only recommended a second booster for people over 70 and certain other risk groups. The specialized authorities of the EU had recently come out in favor of a new recycling from the age of 60. “Politicians’ medical recommendations should be made very carefully,” said FDP parliamentary group health policy spokesman Andrew Ullmann of the “Rheinische Post”.

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