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Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – The SPD is sounding the alarm about the impending closure of small clinics in Baden-Württemberg. “Baden-Württemberg needs a national supply of hospitals,” says a document from the SPD executive, available from the German press agency. Even in rural areas, at least the fields of internal medicine, surgery, gynecology and obstetrics as well as basic emergency care should always be available 24 hours a day. “The houses concerned must be easily accessible for the vast majority of citizens. A maximum car journey time of 30 minutes should be taken into account.”

The opposition SPD calls on the green-black coalition to suspend its “hospital closure policy”. “The economic situation of small hospitals must no longer – against the wishes of the districts – be the reason for closures,” the newspaper said. By no longer providing smaller, already economically struggling clinics with enough money for investments, Grün-Schwarz is draining them economically. Florian Wahl, the health expert in charge of the SPD, writes: “Treatment places and the number of beds must be based on need and not on the criterion of maximizing profit or avoiding deficits.”

The SPD is asking the state to increase its funds for hospital investments from around 450 million euros for 2021 to 750 million euros. “It’s not just about increasing construction costs, but also taking into account the costs of modern hospital structures,” Wahl writes. In addition, he calls for an “emergency fund to maintain the necessary hospitals at the regional level”. This fund must be fed to the tune of 100 million euros per year in order to support major clinics in economic difficulty for a limited period of up to five years.

Social Minister Manne Lucha (Greens), on the other hand, is certain that many small hospitals will no longer be able to survive in the long term. “We need to fundamentally rethink this,” a spokeswoman said. There are better medical care options close to home than many small hospitals, such as medical care centers where doctors and other therapists work hand in hand. “Complicated treatments are done in larger clinics, where they are part of the routine, where the experience is much greater,” the spokeswoman said.

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