“If I had had the information about prevention, I would have been tested sooner,” one patient testifies

Corentin felt the first symptoms about three weeks ago after having sex with a man. “It started with a phase of high fever and body aches“, he explains. Symptoms close to those of Covid, but a test disproves this first hypothesis. Then “lesions have appeared in the anal mucosa“intense pain”not knowing how to sit, lie down, walk” confides Corentin. These symptoms appeared on June 21, during the music festival, he recalls.

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According to Public Health France, 912 cases of monkey pox have now been confirmed in French territory, a sharp increase compared to figures published on Wednesday, July 13. Faced with the increase in the number of cases, France announced in early July the extension of vaccination from this week, in vaccination centers referenced online.

After this phase, which Corentin thought was a simple “hemorrhoid crisis“, pimples appear on his body as “acne pimples that we touched too much“. After the appearance of these pustules, he decides to go to the hospital “three or four days later“Because the pain was unbearable. The doctors then decided to take a sample. Four days later, the verdict came: it was monkey pox. A week passed between the appearance of the first symptoms and the verdict.

Once diagnosed and his condition did not warrant hospitalization, Corentin had to remain in home isolation for three weeks.If I had had the information about prevention, I would have been tested sooner“, he regrets.

“If I had been told what the symptoms were, I would have been tested sooner”

Judge Corentin believes that prevention should be strengthened. lHe expressed concern about the lack of information about the disease: I no longer count the people who come to see me since I expressed myself on social networks, to ask me the symptoms, to know if their symptoms correspond to the diseasethe young man confides.I still referred to emergencies, assures Corentin, about fifteen people who have monkey pox to date“He wants the authorities.”put the package on the information levelnot”.

Now Corentin is doing better and after his recovery he plans to join associations for information and prevention actions aimed at homosexuals.

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