in tears Hélène Mannarino says goodbye to LCI

VIDEO – This Friday, the journalist animated the morning of the TF1 info channel for the last time. At the start of the school year, she joined Nicolas Canteloup on the front page to replace Alessandra Sublet.

8.25 am, time to hand in the keysThis Friday, July 15, Stefan Etcheverry and Hélène Mannarino presented the last LCI morning show of the season. When the first returns to the beginning of the school year at the head of the meeting, the second leaves the team to join TF1 and “C” est Canteloup”. Indeed, the journalist was chosen to succeed Alessandra Sublet at the helm of the follower’s short daily program.

The morning team had therefore reserved a nice surprise for Hélène Mannarino’s last appearance on the show. Via Zak Ajili, editorial correspondent in Lille, who made a duplex of Valenciennes, a nod to the presenter. “We are in Hélène Mannarino’s children’s area. Here, there she grew up, at 12 rue Oultreman‘ explained the journalist in front of the house in question. “Here she spent her best evenings of the… “Star Academy”, with his brother Remy‘ said the reporter in tears before the eyes of the interested.

“I would like to dedicate this morning year to my uncle Pascal”

Helene Mannarino

It’s unbelievable‘ she finally replied. “My parents who are still in Valenciennes are listening. There it was sure that I criedshe added. Stefan Etcheverry sat next to her on set and offered her a bouquet of hydrangeas.from his gardenhe specified.The naturalness was there, your freshness was there, we were very happy to have Hélène by our sidehe underlined.

Her eyes still misty, Hélène Mannarino still managed to deliver her farewell speech. “It’s been six years since I was at LCI, it’s my longest and most beautiful love story,” she admits.”LCI made me grow, made me a journalist, supported me‘, she continued before thanking the editorial staff headed by Thierry Thuillier or even Fabien Namias.

Hélène Mannarino: “Marc-Olivier Fogiel made me want to be a journalist”

To conclude her message, Hélène Mannarino wanted to greet her most loyal viewer. “I would like to dedicate this year of mornings and this last year to my Uncle Pascal who got up every morning at 5:58 am to look at us, and I know we did him right. Uncle, next year you can get up later!“.

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