Italian head of government Mario Draghi offers his resignation, the president refuses

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Mario Draghi tendered his resignation to President Sergio Matterella on Thursday, July 14, after his coalition crumbled, but he declined.

In a press release this Thursday evening, the Italian presidency indicates that Sergio Mattarella has refused the resignation of the president of the Council. Mario Draghi had announced his intention to resign at a cabinet meeting earlier in the day following the decision by the ruling coalition’s 5 Star Movement (M5S) to boycott a confidence vote in the Senate.

The vote of confidence involved a decree-law with measures worth around €23 billion to help households and businesses in the face of inflation. The text in question also includes a measure to facilitate the construction of an incinerator in Rome, which the M5S opposes. But analysts interviewed by Agence France-Presse also give the M5S electoral ulterior motives and a desire to become visible again. Winner of the last parliamentary election in 2018 with 32% of the vote and a relative majority in parliament, the movement has continued to decline in voting intentions ever since. It now stands at 10-11% and many of its elected officials have left it.

The coalition backing the President of the Council has so far brought together all the political forces represented in Parliament, with the exception of the far-right Fratelli d’Italia party. So, theoretically, Mario Draghi has a majority to rule even without the 5 Stars, but the former head of the European Central Bank had repeatedly confirmed that there would be no government without them.

Indeed, he had come down to business in early 2021 to form a coalition of “national unity” that would likely overcome the pandemic emergency and the ensuing economic crisis. However, without the support of the M5S, he believes his government is becoming “political” and believes he has not been given the mandate to lead a cabinet of this nature.

A position he reaffirmed for his ministers this Thursday. ” Since my inauguration speech in Parliament, I have always said that this government would have continued only if it had had a clear perspective to carry out the government program in which the political forces had voted confidence (…) These conditions no longer exist today said Mario Draghi.

But instead of accepting his resignation, President Sergio Mattarella invited him to appear in parliament to see if he could gain the trust of the parties that have supported his government since its creation in February 2021. The day of truth was set for July 20, our correspondent in Rome specifies, Anne Le Niro. All the forces of the left assure that they will vote for confidence. On the other hand, the League of Matteo Salvini would prefer a return to the polls. While the five-star movement would not rule out the possibility of joining the majority.

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