It’s official: Blainville-sur-Orne’s E.Leclerc changes plates

The Leclerc hypermarket in Blainville-sur-Orne changes sign ©Arnaud Herault

The E.Leclerc hypermarket in Bainville-sur-Orne will be a Hyper U. The announcement was made to workers’ representatives two weeks ago and to the mayor of the city in the week of July 14 by Virginia Kribsnow owns the store with her two children since the death of her husband, Frédéric Laisney in November 2020.

The Leclerc brand did not allow my family to take over the brand. They asked me to give up the store, which I didn’t want, and wished my kids could take it over one day if they wanted to.

Virginia Kribs

A change in early 2023

This chartered accountant and specialist in asset management went in search of independent cooperatives (sic). After negotiating with the signs musketeer (Intermarché) and U-System (Hyper U), Virginie Kribs chose the latter.

This change is not unimportant. It’s a fresh start, but it’s also a challenge that we will face with the desire to keep prices low for consumers and keep the same number of employees (currently 235 full-time equivalents).

Virginia Kribs

From January 2023, the Leclerc hypermarket in Blainville-sur-Orne will therefore become Hyper U.

“It’s Not a Breakup”

Virginie Kribs takes over the reins of this new one Hyper-U with a new director. But the management team remains largely the same. “It’s not a break,” says Virginie Kribs, who recalls taking part with her husband in the seven-year battle to create this Blainville hypermarket and then build it.

Suffice it to say that the owner is determined not only to maintain the turnover of her store, but also to develop it. New signs should see the light of day in the gallery, but also on the shopping park as there is still room. That is why she wants to develop employment on this site and make it even more attractive. That is ” ambitious and motivating concludes the owner who chose System U, which was launched in 2020 4th French Distributor.

The change of signature and therefore of products, but also the modernization of the store will require three to five days of closure at the beginning of next year, with the aim that everything is operational mid-January 2023.

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