Monetizing Video Games: When the Former EA Boss Insults Certain Developers

Game news Monetizing Video Games: When the Former EA Boss Insults Certain Developers

Is it going too far? In an interview with PocketGamer, John Riccitiello insulted developers who didn’t think of monetizing their title.


  • Monetizing the game development process
  • “Choosing to know nothing at all is not a good choice”

Monetizing the game development process

The words of John Riccitiello, president of the company Unity (a game engine) and former boss of Electronic Arts, are sure to be discussed in the video game industry in the coming days. Given in an interview to bag gamer Regarding the merger between Unity and IronSource (which specializes in providing monetization tools), he had very harsh words about a certain type of video game developer:

Ferrari and some high-end automakers continue to use dirt and carving knives. A very small part of the video game industry continues to operate this way, and they are the people I like to fight the most – they are the most beautiful and the purest, the most brilliant. But sometimes they are also the biggest idiots.

Words he made in response to PocketGamer’s comment that developers refused to talk about monetization during the creation process. He came back to those statements today via a message on Twitter:

stalker. Taken out of context. I am very sorry if I said anything that may have offended the game developers. I like people who develop games. Creative and strict.

“Choosing to know nothing at all is not a good choice”

Of course, John Riccitiello tempers his comments later in the interview. In particular, he mentions a change in the industry and in a development philosophy that he does not like:

There was a time when developers dumped their game on marketing with literally no interaction beforehand. Today, this industry divides those who adhere to such a model and those who want to know why a product works. And I don’t know a single artist who doesn’t care what the player thinks. This is when the customer return cycle starts and he can decide to ignore it. But choosing to know nothing at all is not a good choice.

In any case, it’s worth noting that certain titles have sometimes come close to disaster due to their economic model. The standard-bearer of this club is undoubtedly Star Wars: Battlefront II: the title, released in 2017, is followed by a great controversy due to almost mandatory microtransactions (you had to play about fifty hours to unlock character). A debate that had prompted Electronic Arts to remove them from the game very quickly, especially at a time when certain countries’ politicians had their sights set on loot boxes.

More recently, we can think of Skate and Fall Guys which have recently become free to play. In addition, it is the game Diablo Immortal that has been in the fire of criticism for its too current monetization … which allowed him to recover 49 million euros in less than a month.

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