Noah Schnapp hopes Will will come out in season 5

Next Thursday, July 14 in varietyNoah Schnapp aka Will Byers in Weird stuff looked back on his character’s journey through the first four seasons and revealed what he expects from the fifth and final season. “The Duffers Brothers (series creators, editor’s note) say they will focus more on Will and his plot next season. I think it’s super excitingsaid the actor, as Will was relegated to the background in seasons 3 and 4.

I called the Duffer Brothers a few weeks ago, and I asked, ‘What’s your plan for Will? As for his sexuality, but also his link with Upside Down?’ They have a lot to arrange, they are still working on it, but they know their ultimate goal. We hope there’s a coming out scene, and I also want them to talk about this Mind Flayer connection and how it fits into everything else. And I’ve always wondered, why was Will the first victim and the first captured? I just want it all to intertwine and dissolve. So can’t wait to see what’s going to happen” confided Noah Schnapp.

The actor, who turns 18 in October, is particularly pleased with the subtle writing that benefits his character, whose homosexuality has been suggested since the very first episode of the series: “They purposely rolled this out across the seasons. Even in the first season they had given hints and slowly this plot progressed. Now it is 100% clear that he is gay and in love with Mike. But it used to be implicit. I think it’s very nicely done because it would have been so easy to make a character suddenly gay“.

If his screen presence was reduced again this year, Noah Schnapp is aware of the importance of his scenes, in which we see his character suffering from not daring to trust someone: “In Season 4, (…) Will struggles to know if he will be accepted or not, and who feels like an anomaly and who doesn’t belong. That’s how Will always felt. All his friends have girlfriends and are integrated into different groups. Never really fits anywhere. I think that’s why so many people come up to me and say they love Mike and identify with him that way.In addition, the actor revealed that the scene where his brother Jonathan makes it clear to him that he supports him and that he can talk to him about anything was not present in the initial screenplay. see crying .”The Duffer Brothers wrote it during filmingbecause the characters needed it, he explained.

Hugo Mallais

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