Russell Westbrook and the Lakers, there’s water in the gas

Here’s information that could remain a small line, as at first glance it may seem anecdotal amid the incessant flow of fresh news that the NBA provides us with on a daily basis. However, the divorce of Russell Westbrook and his agent Thad Foucher after 14 years of relationship is a real bomb. Why ? Because the agent justified this separation with a nice press release sent to ESPN, in which he weighs the bottom of Westbrook’s situation with the Lakers.

Oh the poisoned parting gift. And then: oh the super sharp info. Thad Foucher, hired by Russell Westbrook since his Draft by the Thunder in 2008, had certainly become a man of confidence, one of the first circle of Russ. However, this fourteen-year relationship is now over, thanks to a full-blown disagreement between the player and his representative over his contractual situation. How do we know all this? Well, because Thad Foucher isn’t one to do things halfway. No, because when M’sieur Foucher puts an end to such a collaboration, he lets himself be sent a letter in total relaxation to ESPN to explain the reasons for the breakup. Please note, from here on we recommend that you have a good drink of water as what is happening is of the HEAVY kind. According to Foucher, the disagreement between Russ and him had reached a point where there was no turning back. But what the hell could the two men be so against? We’ll give it to you in a thousand: his place with the Lakers. The agent explains in black and white that he would have advised Westbrook to take the opportunity offered by Darvin Ham and stay in Los Angeles to restore his sporting health and regain favor with the other teams. You don’t need to have been to high school to quickly understand that the disagreement stems from Russ’s desire to end his California adventure.

“With the possibility of a fourth transfer in four years, the market is telling the Lakers that they need to add value alongside Russell in any transfer scenario. Even then, such a trade could force Russell out of his new team via a buyout. I believe that this type of transaction would only serve to reduce Russell’s value and his best option is to stay with the Lakers, taking advantage of his starting status and the confidence that Darvin Ham offers publicly. […] Unfortunately, irreconcilable disagreements exist about his best way to keep moving forward and we will no longer work together. »

– Thad Foucher

Well, different things because it’s downright moon there. First, you should know that if Thad Foucher is not a name known to the general public, he is one of the most respected agents in the NBA. Imagine – in an environment where discretion and image are the watchwords – that one of the bosses of the game takes the risk of getting so wet, swinging what he thinks of his player’s decision but also of the opinion of the competition on this same player. No, that’s too much fun. Second, Foucher publicly reveals the fact that Westbrook wants to leave Los Angeles to look elsewhere. A situation almost never seen in the history of the league. In between two drops of sweat, let’s not forget that Russ took his $47 million player option with the Lakers and that the latest rumors pointed to his desire to stay where he is. And worst of all, not only would leaving LA be a bad plan, but the entire league clearly thinks bringing in Westbrook is more of a financial trap than a sporting opportunity. Please take the time to read this. Don’t forget, we’re talking about Russell Westbrook, the 2017 MVP, and if you haven’t already, realize the weight of these statements. So now, why do this? There are also several tracks pending possible clarifications. It can be a form of protection towards the player, in “Hey, I told you to do that and you didn’t listen to me, so it’s not my fault” mode. Perhaps this is a desperate way to brutally make the player realize that he is on the wrong path and needs to quickly change his mind about his future. Of course we enjoy the reaction of Rich Paul on Twitter, agent of LeBron James and Anthony Davis in particular.

For a bomb! We were just starting a nosedive for the Summer League, but this info gave us a boost. At the same time, it’s almost unheard of in the league: an agent just threw everything he had in him at his player in public. The word to the concerned director now? We are impatient here.

Source: ESPN.

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