The Death of Charlotte Valandrey: The Actress’s Heartbreaking Letter to Her Daughter Tara Lecaisne

Tara is the fruit of Charlotte Valandrey’s love with one of his ex boyfriends. Even before she breathed her last, the actress had written a farewell letter for his daughter. The editors will provide you with more information on this subject.

Her child, her everything

Since July 13, 2022, the world of cinema has been in mourning. Charlotte Valandrey lost her life at the age of 53 years. She was known for her many roles in the seventh art world. Of the fictions she played in, we will remember “Red Kiss”.

In real life, Charlotte Valandrey was also fulfilled despite her Health. The deceased woman did indeed experience motherhood during her last years on earth. Tara came about through her relationship with her former husband, Arthur Lecaisne.

She was born in 2000. If the actress’s daughter has not responded to her death until now, there has been a touching letter shared on Instagram. It is a poem that the deceased woman had written to her offspring.

This one poem comes from Charlotte’s book, released in 2012, titled “Don’t forget to love me”. In this book, she said that Tara gave her life back in the year 2000. In writing it, the actress hoped that “these words will fill the silences between her daughter and her”. She also hoped that they would “tell” Tara’s “soul” everything her mother could not say in her lifetime.

“Let them embrace you as your words embraced me this morning. “The best mothers”, “The most beautiful children” “, we can read.

Confident in her child’s future, Charlotte Valandrey said she… believed in the young woman.

Goodbye to his daughter in advance

Charlotte Valandrey went on to talk in particular about her disappearance in his book. So the late actress assured her daughter that she… will always be by his sideeven though she is no longer of this world.

“I will laugh, in your song, never far away,” she wrote.

Whether “at night, in the rain or in the sun”, Tara can count on her mother’s presence despite everything.

“Love as I love you, my angel, my paradise,” she concluded.

words of goodbye disturbing that internet users have not failed to comment. In the comments, many of them expressed their support for Tara during this difficult time.

Some public figures also have reacted to the death of the actresssuch as Gwendoline Hamon. The latter, in fact, has confessed in the post’s comments that she is “sad” to learn of the actress’s disappearance. For her, Charlotte was “a fighter”.

She was HIV positive

During her lifetime, Charlotte Valandrey leidde a fight against AIDS. His diagnosis dates back to 1986, when…she was 17 years old. In addition, his late illness had been mentioned in his novel entitled “Bombay my love”. This book tells the journey of a young woman who suffers from a ‘viva’ virus. As we scroll through it, we find words like “I forgive you”.

On France Sunday, Charlotte had confided that this sentence is in reality a message. It was meant for the person who infected it.

However, it was out of the question that Tara’s mother would give more details about this mysterious person. She had in fact claimed never reveal identity from this partner. If she did, she’d be in trouble, he said. A secret she carried to her grave.

During the same interview, Charlotte Valandrey had also said: the need for HIV treatment. For example, she had confirmed that if one takes the treatments against this disease seriously, it can be without danger for the people with whom one has an intimate relationship. This is especially the case with the actress for many years.

“I became harmless to HIV,” she said.

The proof thatshe was a fighter ! We hope that wherever she is, the actress will be happy.

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