Top 15 Best Panayotis Pascot Valves Available on Web 2.0

Panayotis Pascot is undeniably one of the most gifted and original French comedians in his communication: by going to sell tickets for his own show in FNAC, by transforming himself into a teleshopping product, sold by Marie-Ange Nardi, by going through the letters installing his name on the front of the Olympia itself to avoid spelling mistakes, or even… by embedding himself in a Pornhub video to promote the reopening of the concert halls after incarceration.

But in addition to his talents as a communicator, Panayotis also excels on stage, and therefore, in addition to his performances in Dailyon Prime Video or on TEDx he also very regularly sells his show “Almost”.

So before you rush to take your place to see it in person here, here are some of the best valves available on the web, to make your mouth water (besides, it’s important to hydrate yourself).

1. My 40-year-old roommate is going through a midlife crisis. There are clues: He’s in a roommate at age 40.

2. We went to Amsterdam to “test our limits”. We went there by car, we drove 5/6 hours. Frankly, we could have had fun right away, but I was tired, I went to bed. Apparently that’s my limit in life… “Damn, you went to Amsterdam, what did you screw up?” “The route…”

3. I went to a drug dealer […] and I said to him, “Do you have drugs? You know what I mean?” I don’t know what series I thought I was in but it was very badly dubbed in French.

4. During the elections, the concept of the candidates is to flirt with us, to seduce us. In the story, we are the freshest girls. And the candidates are the guys who want to make it to the first round and more if they want.


6. On Instagram, it’s the balls that show their girl.

7. I played the accordion for 6 years because I wanted to grow up very early, and I told myself it was an adult instrument. Which is stupid, because you don’t see adults playing the accordion. No adults with a permanent address.

8. Once you play the accordion, all the songs are for the glory of the fighters. Looks like the war just ended 6 minutes ago.

9. Not long ago I ran into a green boy. We didn’t talk long because it started to rain… and he showered.

10. My brother he cries. My father stops, he says to him “Hey! Stop crying”. Which has never worked from a pedagogical point of view. You’ve never had a single kid say, “Well!”


12. When you kiss someone, the germs in their mouth stay with you for up to 4 years after the kiss. Your mouths are full of people from the past. Your mouths are AirBnbs, know that. I am a small gite, not much frequented, in Poitou-Charentes.

13. When I was 12, I wanted to prove I was an adult, so I opened a grocery store in my room. Because we were with 6 kids in the family, and I said to myself, “That’s 6 potential customers”. I had counted myself in it, already not good at business that man…

14. And where I grew really fast was that within a few weeks I went bankrupt… I went bankrupt […] because from 8 am to 6 pm I had to close the shop to go to class. If you close the shop from 8 am to 6 pm, you are the owner of a strip club!

Convinced? So to take your place to see him on tour in France, Switzerland or Canada, or at the Olympia on October 22 and 23, it’s happening here.

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