Vald prevents Booba from taking the stage: great tension at the Francofolies

Vald and his team blocked access to the Francofolies stage in Booba: the show was delayed for more than an hour and a half.

Tension is mounting at the Francofolies. The Rochelle festival this Friday night is the scene of a very real feud this time between Vald and Booba. The two artists, who have been responding blow by blow to the networks for months, were on the program in La Rochelle the same day. And while the author ofULTRA the threats multiplied as the deadline approached, it was ultimately his colleague who took the lead.

At the end of his early evening performance, showing himself surrounded by many “bodyguards” whom he presented as relatives who had come to celebrate his birthday – the rapper turns 30 this Friday -, Vald blocked Booba’s access to the phase. He and his team formed a welcoming committee in front of the entrance, Vald sitting on a camping chair, waiting for his colleague, whom he taunted through several stories posted to his Instagram account.

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Booba about Vald: ‘He didn’t want us to sing’

Booba did not respond to the provocations and it took the intervention of the police to let the performer go on stage. According to journalist Éric Bureau, Booba arrived in a van under police escort. In the end, a safety cordon was set up by some thirty CRS at the back of the podium. After a long wait of over an hour and a half, Booba was finally able to take the stage, while the Francofolies audience, unaware of the events, grew impatient.

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In the end, it was the artist himself who gave the reason for his delay on stage: “There’s Valentin who wasn’t happy, he didn’t want us to sing”. He also did not fail to threaten Vald’s team. As a reminder, Booba has a carte blanche from the Francofolies this Friday night, inviting the entire 92i.

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