What are the symptoms of emotional dependence?

Lasting dissatisfaction in people suffering from emotional dependence

People with affective dependence live only through the other. Be it a love or friendship relationship, the latter is put on a pedestal, completely idealized by the addict. The need for affection he feels is strong and permanent. Thus the dependent begins to feel a sense of abandonment at the slightest period of absence, at the slightest overinterpreted word. His need in the relationship simply cannot be met in the context of a healthy relationship: you can’t spend 24 hours of your day reassuring the person and proving to him in a thousand ways that you love him… no more in the case, the dependent fears that he will no longer be loved enough, hence permanent discontent on his part: no relationship can fill the artificial void that he himself creates.

Emotional dependence: a lack of self-esteem

As a result, a person suffering from affective dependence often exhibit very low self-esteem. By convincing herself that the person he cares about does not really love him, she will unconsciously look for the reasons and conclude that she is the cause of this lack of love. Thinking that he simply does not deserve to live in a relationship worthy of this name, the addict will gradually grow towards himself, lose all esteem and stop worrying about his own personal development. Emotional dependence is therefore a suffering towards the other, but also towards oneself.

Excessive jealousy threatens the relationships of people with emotional dependence

The fear of losing a loved one is often reflected in the person suffering from affective dependence by excessive jealousy. Always afraid of being abandoned, the latter will want to follow the slightest actions and gestures of the other to make sure that he is not betrayed effectively. This gives rise to intrusive behaviour, overreactions, scenes of unjust scandal… which, of course, run the risk of realizing what the addict fears: a breakup, an abandonment.

Emotional Dependence: Hypersensitivity and Anxiety

Constantly fearing rejection and abandonment, the victim of emotional dependence never has peace of mind. She begins to feel permanent fear, a stress she is not even aware of and cannot get rid of. It overreacts to harmless events, causing constant discomfort that can also manifest itself physically: tremors, exhaustion, difficulty concentrating…

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