“You have to get used to living with heat waves,” says Health Minister François Braun

François Braun urges the French to adopt “good reflexes” in addition to the toll-free “Heatwave info service” in light of the second heat wave of the year.

You have to get used to living with these heat waves“repeatedly, said Friday, July 15, the Minister of Health and Prevention, François Braun, who insisted”good reflexes“watch during a visit to the call center of the green number”Heat wave info service“.

We have a heat wave, it will take a bit, there will be others too, that’s for sure, you have to get used to living with these heat waves by having the right reflexes‘ he told some reporters.

The green number “is not enough”

While France, following Spain and Portugal, is experiencing the second heat wave of the year, at the beginning of the afternoon the minister went to the premises of the call center in Romainville (Seine-Saint-Denis), an update on the prevention of health risks related to the heat wave. The toll-free numberheat wave(0800.06.66.66) was reactivated early Wednesday afternoon, after being reactivated for the first time in mid-June by the Ministry’s previous tenant, Brigitte Bourguignon. If they call, the French can get”opinions, very well given” greeted the emergency physician by profession, adding that “it is of course essential, but it is not enough“.

As always in the field of health, there is never a miracle solution, it is a series of measures, tools that make it possible to regulate or at least contain the problemFrançois Braun insisted, remembering that he had invited, “from the beginning of this wave, vigilance, within municipalities, families, in relation to the most vulnerable“.”Advice is known“, he continued.”Hydrate already, with water, avoid all sugary drinks, reduce the consumption of stimulants such as coffee, tea, or take decaffeinated, decaffeinated products, think of hydrating the elderly, the youngest children (…) protect themselves as much as possible against the sun (…) do not exercise in direct sunlight‘ the minister recalls.

According to him, the Frenchsince time they increasingly monopolize these councils“. “Tmy goal in health is also to give French men and women good reflexes so that they can cope even in these situations, such as wearing a mask in areas where there is of the world or the fact that they are not to the emergency room for everything and nothing‘ emphasized the minister.

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