China asks UN Security Council to embargo on small arms

China has asked the UN Security Council to decide on a small arms embargo on Haiti, individual sanctions against gang leaders and even support for the deployment of a regional police force to this violence-ravaged country, diplomatic sources told us on Thursday. Read alsoA year after its president’s assassination, Haiti remains mired in chaos ALSO … Read more

In Italy, the great maneuvers to Mario Draghi. to keep

Mario Draghi, the outgoing prime minister, will answer to parliament on Wednesday with the parties of his majority. Rome And now? On Friday, all news outlets saw political scientists and elected officials trying to decipher the strange non-parliamentary political crisis that has been shaking Italy since July 14. After a succession of twists and turns, … Read more

FARC dissent beheaded after chief leader’s death

Colombian Police Commander Jose Luis Vargas gives a press conference a week after the military assassinated dissident leader Nestor Vera, alias Ivan Mordisco, in Bogota on July 15, 2022. DANIEL MUNOZ / AFP Nestor Vera, aka “Ivan Mordisco”the main dissident leader of the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) guerrillas was assassinated a week … Read more

International report: 85% of transactions in Tunisia are done in cash

Through Mohammad Ben Abderrazek | July 15, 2022 at 9:54 PM facebook Twitter LinkedIn whatsapp According to a report on financial inclusion in TunisiaDeveloped by the “Technology and Entrepreneurship Center” of Harvard University, Tunisia, is one of the leaders in digital payments for its active and constant commitment to promote the digital transition of financial … Read more

I don’t read! I’m listening

Defenders and opponents When a new phenomenon emerges that shakes habits, it often has a knack for dividing the audience. There are those who gladly accept it, but there are also those who reject it and insist on its harmfulness. This is also somewhat the case with the audiobook. Lukáš Vavrečka does not hide that … Read more

France in the Sahel: “It’s a failure, Operation Barkhane failed to stop jihadist progression”

Published on : 15-07-2022 – 06:41 A collective of about forty associations and academics has just published a column in the newspaper The world, calling on President Emmanuel Macron to review French policy in the Sahel. A big problem for France because of its military and diplomatic investments of almost ten years, but which have … Read more

Italian head of government Mario Draghi offers his resignation, the president refuses

Published on : 14/07/2022 – 20:28Altered : 14/07/2022 – 22:08 Mario Draghi tendered his resignation to President Sergio Matterella on Thursday, July 14, after his coalition crumbled, but he declined. In a press release this Thursday evening, the Italian presidency indicates that Sergio Mattarella has refused the resignation of the president of the Council. Mario … Read more