The health of pugs is so fragile that they cannot be considered typical dogs

The health of pugs is so fragile that they cannot be considered typical dogs

[VIDÉO] You may also like this affiliate content (after ad) The pug is a very popular brachycephalic dog (with a “squashed” muzzle). Relatively small (about 30 cm at the withers), it is valued for its gentle and cheerful temperament. However, this breed is subject to frequent health problems, so much so that veterinarians question the … Read more

Nursing students’ mental and physical health deteriorated

The latest research from the National Federation of Nursing Students (Fnesi) points to a significant increase in the physical and mental well-being of ESIs. Health crisis, difficult internships, intensive personal work, stress… The reasons for student discomfort are many and increase over time. †I take an anxiety medication when I need it. Once, it was … Read more

a new secondment of OCLAESP in Reunion

Founded in 2004, the OCLAESP, the Central Office for Combating Damage to the Environment and Public Health, has as its mission the fight against the different types of crime related to the environment (traffic of waste or protected species, pollution, etc. ) or public health (drug trafficking, forged health cards, medical abnormality, etc.). To this … Read more

Health professionals, how can you be sure you’re choosing the right company to thrive?

Good access to health services is vital for everyone. This is done not only through the professionals we consult, but also through the host organization that employs them. While today the lack of public health resources has been signaled and subsequently accentuated by the pandemic, it is more important than ever for industry professionals to … Read more