Animal-borne epidemics have increased by more than 60% in Africa over the past decade, according to WHO

The World Health Organization (WHO) Regional Office for Africa warns of increasing zoonotic epidemics on the African continent. Diseases transmitted from animals to humans continue to increase and spread. In particular, population growth and urbanization. Dengue, Ebola or monkey pox. According to the WHO, the number of cases of these diseases transmitted from animals to … Read more

Covid: Headaches, stuffy nose, stomachaches, diarrhea… a US study reveals the new symptoms of long-term Covid

A US study found that 23% of patients with long-term Covid had new symptoms. We know more about the long covid symptoms thanks to a new study conducted by the University of Southern California (USC) published in the journal Scientific Reports. Every two weeks from March 2020 to March 2021, USC researchers invited citizens to … Read more

very strong increase in the number of cases, mission impossible to get vaccinated?

Is it the slow rise of a silent epidemic? Monkeypox infected at least 912 people in France in mid-July. That is 335 more than a week earlier (+58%). Underdiagnosis of Infections “At least”, because “underdiagnosis is common in the case of infectious diseases”, the Director General of Health, Jérôme Salomon, reminds us. In total, nearly … Read more

Mental health concern

District of Groß-Gerau: Concern for mental health please disable your ad blocker Your ad blocker is currently enabled. To access the news portal and view the content, you have the following two options: Disable ad blocker Disable your ad blocker or set an exception rule for this website. Where Take out a PUR subscription €2.99 … Read more

Cannabis in Parkinson’s disease: symptomatic relief – Etudes

Around 300,000 people in Germany suffer from the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. In the United States alone, there are said to be a million people. This makes Parkinson’s syndrome the second most common neurodegenerative disease in the world after Alzheimer’s disease. Several diseases are said to be triggered by various genetic and external factors and … Read more

“You have to get used to living with heat waves,” says Health Minister François Braun

François Braun urges the French to adopt “good reflexes” in addition to the toll-free “Heatwave info service” in light of the second heat wave of the year. “You have to get used to living with these heat waves“repeatedly, said Friday, July 15, the Minister of Health and Prevention, François Braun, who insisted”good reflexes“watch during a … Read more

processed meats increase the risk of colon cancer!

Hinatea Chatal 35 minutes ago 5 minutes Eating more than 50 grams of processed meats per day would increase the risk of cancer by 18%, according to the WHO. Last Tuesday, the National Food Safety Agency (ANSES) released a report explaining that: food additives, found in meat processed as charcuterie, because the cancer development. ANSES … Read more

Health – Corona autumn: Buschmann promises that masks will be compulsory – health

Berlin (dpa) – According to Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann, the federal government’s concept for the Corona fall should provide for “some form of mask requirement”. “The effectiveness of masks for private individuals indoors is undisputed,” the FDP politician told newspapers from the Funke media group. “That’s why some form of mask requirement indoors … Read more

focus on well-being, health and sport

In addition to the tourism strategy 2022-2026, François Werner and Béatrice Cuif-Mathieu presented the new metropolitan tourist magazine: Visit Nancy. Photo DR By revealing its roadmap for 2022-2026, the entity in charge of business and leisure tourism shows that it innovates and intends to stay in the race for popular destinations. Development of well-being and … Read more