Health: WHO concerned about vaccination in children around the world

publishedJuly 15, 2022, 02:19 Health: WHO worries about vaccination in children around the world The WHO notes a worrying decline since 2020 in childhood vaccinations, such as against poliomyelitis. The reasons for this decline are multiple: conflict, increased misinformation and problems with the delivery or continuity of care related to the Covid-19 pandemic. (illustrative image) … Read more

Y chromosome: loss makes men sicker – sex chromosome mutated in old age damages heart and organs

Small but indispensable: as men age, they lose the Y chromosome in some of their body cells. Now, a study confirms that it damages the heart and probably other organs as well, and may contribute to shortening the lifespan of men. Because if the male sex chromosome is missing in white blood cells, they trigger … Read more

Reduce cholesterol through diet: these foods help to

Home page advise Health Established: 07/14/2022 11:43 Of: Alina Schröder Divide High cholesterol levels can be extremely detrimental to health and cause disease. With certain foods, however, this can be reduced in a targeted manner. Frankfurt – Cardiovascular or metabolic diseases are often associated with high cholesterol. This is strongly influenced by age and diet, … Read more

HAS recommends re-vaccinating infants

The High Authority of Health on Tuesday recommended, following a re-evaluation of vaccines, that infants aged six weeks to six months be vaccinated against rotavirus infections, the main causes of acute viral gastroenteritis in winter, to prevent severe forms and hospitalizations. Two vaccines (Rotarix and RotaTeq), administered orally, have a marketing authorization in France. Vaccination … Read more

‘Just completely different safety’: Lauterbach also advises younger people to get vaccinated against coronavirus fourth – politics

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) also recommends a fourth corona vaccination for people under the age of 60. “If someone wants to enjoy the summer and doesn’t want to take the risk of getting sick (…), then of course I would recommend vaccination for younger people in consultation with the family doctor,” Lauterbach said … Read more