La Poudrière in Quéven: a place for nature lovers or for a company specialized in ballistics? – Queven

Jean-Yves Laurent revolts. For four years now, on the site of Poudrière du Mentec, in Sac’h Quéven, there has been talk of a project to create a company specializing in ballistics. But nothing was ever official. The former mayor of Quéven, defender of the environment and active in many associations associated with it, explains: “In … Read more

Why Bulgaria is the classic of family holidays? The diversity of nature is surprising – Economy & Volkswagen – News

Berlin/Sofia (ots) – Spending this year’s family vacation in Bulgaria is a good idea, as Bulgaria is trendy for many good reasons and is an ideal travel destination for families looking for a offer for an active vacation, close to nature and beaches – then want to visit a multifaceted country. Located on the Black … Read more

5 tips for running in nature

Do you train off the beaten track and in nature? Here’s what you need to know about trail running before you start. If the monotony of gray concrete paths discourages you from running, then a trip into nature might be the best antidote. The physical and mental benefits of trail running are well documented, from … Read more

the mayor of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains asks mountaineers “not to want to be stronger than nature”

“Mountain climbers are advised to postpone their ascent, that is, to listen to the mountain, not to want to be stronger than nature”, explains Friday, July 15 on franceinfo Jean-Marc Peillex, mayor of Saint-Gervais-les-Bains (Haute-Savoie). The prefecture of the department calls for vigilance on the normal access road to Mont-Blanc known as “from snack”because of … Read more

Nature between the plates – Berliner Morgenpost

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Two hours a week in nature to get better

You will also be interested [EN VIDÉO] Interview: the relationship between humans and nature Man thrives thanks to the resources that nature provides, but he also depends on them and must therefore make intensive use of them. In this interview, Xavier Le Roux, director of the Foundation for Research on Biodiversity (FRB), describes the complex … Read more