Last Call BBS, the latest game from the creators, is a love letter to the process

BBS last callScreenshot: Zachtronic To advertise Every Friday, audiovisual club staffers start our weekly open thread discussing game plans and recent game glory, but of course the real action is in the comments, where we invite you to answer our eternal question: What are you playing this weekend? The Zachtronics catalog is a repository of … Read more

The Joel Embiid case, revealing the phenomenon of sports naturalizations?

Fournier refers to the fact that Joel Embiid can be naturalized through pure sporting expediency, and not through real or familial attachment to France. The interest between France and Embiid would be mutual: with the Cameroonian, France would have a real chance to break the American supremacy at the Olympics. Embiid has almost no chance … Read more

Alexis Michalik single: the actor hopes to find love this summer

Recently divorced, Alexis Michalik made some confidentiality about his celibacy in a recent interview. Alexis Michalik is definitely heart to take. In a recent interview with the magazine SHE, the actor and director spoke briefly about his romantic situation. When requested information about his holiday lovesAlexis Michalik is categorically: “I hope she hasn’t arrived yet”he … Read more

After all, humans aren’t the only mammals growing their food

The pocket gopher is a small agricultural rodent that grows its own stock of carrots for sustenance. The incredible diversity of life hides a huge number of fascinating species that exhibit astonishingly complex behavior. And that’s especially true when it comes to food. Several animals have already been described in the scientific literature that have … Read more

“He did not pour out his problems”: after the suicide of Jean-Claude (Love is in the meadow), the shock in his commune

On the night of June 24 to 25, 2022, Jean-Claude Joly, candidate for season 6 of Love is in the Meadow, was found hanged in the barn of his farm. For the Parisian, his neighbors expressed their emotion. A true drama… In 2011, M6 viewers followed the story of Jean Claudein Love is in the … Read more