Electricity and gas: in 2023 prices would rise “for who can afford it”?

the necessary When the tariff shield – which the government has put in place to protect the French from rising energy prices – expires, the government is considering more targeted measures. Imperceptible. On the energy market, the rise in electricity and gas prices has little impact on the French for the time being. The tariff … Read more

It’s official: Blainville-sur-Orne’s E.Leclerc changes plates

Through francoisetdl published on 15 July 22 at 16:59 Freedom Caen See my news Follow this media The Leclerc hypermarket in Blainville-sur-Orne changes sign ©Arnaud Herault The E.Leclerc hypermarket in Bainville-sur-Orne will be a Hyper U. The announcement was made to workers’ representatives two weeks ago and to the mayor of the city in the … Read more

Stock exchange in Europe lands, relief for Fed – 15-07-2022 at 18:10

EUROPE MARKET END UP, FED RELIEF by Laetitia Volga PARIS (Reuters) – European stock markets closed higher on Friday after statements deemed reassuring by several Federal Reserve officials about the pace of interest rate hikes. In Paris, the CAC 40 finished 2.04% at 6,036 points. Britain’s Footsie won 1.8% and Germany’s Dax 2.76%. The EuroStoxx … Read more

Annoyed by the delay, the passengers of a Ryanair flight Toulouse-Marrakech crash into the plane

Orange with 6Media, published on Friday 15 July 2022 at 11:15 am After several hours of delay, the passengers of a Ryanair flight Toulouse-Marrakech seized the plane in annoyance. After a hectic night, they finally left on another flight the next day. Arriving at the boarding gate, the passengers of the Ryanair flight Toulouse-Marrakech have … Read more

Those who don’t focus on business in games: “idiots”

For the former Electronic Arts boss who now heads Unity, the developers who haven’t turned to microtransactions yet are “damned idiots.” John Riccitiellobest known for being the former CEO of Electronic Arts (FIFA, TitanFall, The Sims), doesn’t go hand in hand with the studios that haven’t yet opted for the microtransaction in their business plan. … Read more