Expected tonight in Toulouse, 150 passengers of the company Volotea stranded in Palma de Mallorca

the necessary Obviously it is complicated to travel with Volotea at the moment. On April 17, a crew strike led to the cancellation of flights to the Canary Islands. On April 30, passengers of the Palma de Mallorca Toulouse flight are waiting this time to return from vacation. They are currently unsure of their time … Read more

A historic flight: United Airlines launched its Nice-New York route this Saturday

He arrived under the crossed jets of water fired by the firefighters’ vehicles at Nice Côte d’Azur airport. All white with bright blue wings, tail and jet engines. Emotional sequence… This Saturday, at 10:10 am, landing of the Boeing 767-300, branded United Airlines, from New York. More than 9 hours of flying with 169 passengers … Read more

Their plane was expected in Toulouse: 150 passengers stranded abroad and without response

Through Maxence Dourlen published on April 30, 22 at 7:52 PM Toulouse News See my news Follow this media 150 passengers on a flight Palma de Mallorca-Toulouse are currently stranded on the island. They are waiting for answers from the company… (©DP) a real Golgotha and unanswered questions† This one Saturday 30 April 2022† 150 … Read more

New business models

A study by Data Observer and Opinionway titled “Which Business Models in the Acceleration Race?” », highlights the most common business models in our companies. If the Swiss University of Saint Gall identified 20 possible ones, 9 would be much more used than the others. Some companies use more than one. Focus on key types … Read more

Find business opportunities

Discovering business opportunities when one is launched into entrepreneurship is part of the exchanges and dialogues between entrepreneurs. We are enthusiastic about each other’s discoveries. Interviews with entrepreneurs often start with how did you come up with the idea? The press is full of examples of ideas, of the paths of entrepreneurs and their progress. … Read more

These entrepreneurs have ventured into a business model that will take your breath away, they say

Winning the Lépine competition is not necessary to create a viable business. Without revolutionizing their universe from A to Z, a designer can also be inventive, pragmatic and flexible in the way he does business. “An innovative business model has just as much potential as a technological innovation. For example, adapting a sector’s management to … Read more

Job Description Digital Business Developer: Training, Salary and Skills

In a context of increasing competition, the Business Developer Digital, also known as “Bizdev”, will try to achieve objectives by executing a strategic plan to ensure the sustainability of the company by developing its activities. Very popular with companies, the Digital Business Developer is a manager at the heart of sustainable growth. Strategist, negotiator and … Read more