Getting started – Mini convertible Electric: hair in the wind and silence in the bend

And whether the electric was the formula that best suited the convertible? In addition to the quiet operation, the limited autonomy is no obstacle to self-pleasure. In addition, electrification fits perfectly on this Mini SE Cabriolet with the assumed sportiness of the automatic transmission. Obviously, starting an essay with its conclusion spoils the suspense somewhat. … Read more

“Great Resignation” in the United States: But What Are All Those Americans Doing Who Quit Their Jobs?

Reading time: 5 min In her latest single, “You Won’t Break My Soul,” Beyoncé encourages the listener to: “let go [s]we use, release [s]we time» (“release your job / release your time”). If the singer’s influence is well established across the Atlantic, many Americans wouldn’t have waited for Queen B to tell them to resign. … Read more

Carrefour accused in stockpiling video and denounces “fake news”

A video widely circulated on social networks shows pallets of mustard in a warehouse. The man who is filming assures that he usually delivers to Carrefour stores, but this time he received an “order” to stock these products. Carrefour and the company that produces this mustard have exposed a “fake news” with our colleagues from … Read more

TESTIMONY. “Passengers have taken the plane hostage”: Travelers on the Toulouse-Marrakech flight recount their nightmarish evening

the necessary After the announcement of the cancellation of the flight, several passengers from Toulouse-Marrakech took possession of the aircraft in the night of Wednesday 13 to Thursday 14 July. Story of a nightmarish evening. “This trip will remain in our memories. We felt like we were cattle, real pieces of meat.” This is a … Read more

Amsterdam airport is in chaos

On Thursday 14 July, a queue of about two hours will pass outside Amsterdam-Schiphol airport under the astonished eyes of the latest arrivals. Water bottles and stroopwafel – small Dutch caramel waffles – are handed out to reduce travellers’ anger. On the ground floor, in front of the train exit, under a red tent with … Read more

Supermarket: here is the store that offers a liter of fuel for 85 cents all summer 2022

Anyone who has to refuel before going to work has complained about it at least once in recent months. The current conflict in Eastern Europe has indeed skyrocketed fuel prices. To help consumers, the government has already implemented a discount of 18 cents at the pump. A measure that will soon be replaced by another. … Read more