Accident of the Delobel Boat with Salomé, Greg, Eliott, Anaïs, Enzo – Here It All Starts July 19, 2022 (Episode 446) | This is where it all starts

Discover the detailed recap of Here It All Begins pre-season 2 with episode 446 airing Tuesday, July 19, 2022 on TF1. The party ends tragically for the contestants in the pastry competition with a boat accident. Why blood? Has an animal or person been injured? Rose will have to make choices, sacrifice Souleymane’s vegetable garden? … Read more

After his trial, Johnny Depp changes air with an album and a tour

AFP, published on Friday 15 July 2022 at 08:57 Johnny Depp releases an album with legendary guitarist Jeff Beck, European tour at stake: the actor tries with this change of scenery to offer a different picture than that of the recent trial unpacking with his ex-wife Amber Heard. The disc, “18”, which comes out this … Read more

Camille wants to follow Steve to Seoul | Aurora Linked To Drug Trafficking With Pilar – Such An Amazing Sun July 21, 2022 (Episode 923) | Such a great sun

Discover the comprehensive summary of Un si grand soleil season 4 pre-episode 923 from Thursday 21 July 2022 on France 2. Aurore has hidden her game well, is Enzo in danger? Florent feels that Philippe Verneuil is lying. Manu is not ready to let his daughter go to Korea. The complete summary of the soap … Read more

Actress Constance Wu opens up about suicide attempt three years ago after Twitter detective

American actress Constance Wu, one of the stars of the film Crazy Rich Asians (2018), tried to commit suicide three years ago, following comments about her on social networks, she confided on July 14. In 2019, the actress faced an outpouring of criticism for her comments on Twitter about the sitcom Hot off the press … Read more

[Photo/Vidéo] BTS’s J-Hope Party Guest List Surprises Netizens

Korean internet users reacted to J-Hope’s party, which quickly went viral! J-Hope’s party almost turned into an awards ceremony with several celebrities. J-Hope is the first member of BTS to release their solo album. To celebrate the release of the latter, J-Hope held a preview party at HYBE Labels headquarters and invited many famous personalities … Read more

Thor 4: Where’s Love And Thunder In The Marvel Timeline? – Cinema news

Thor: Love And Thunder, currently in theaters, brings together Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, who returns for a thunderous adventure! But where does the Marvel movie fit in the MCU timeline? Warning, spoilers. It is recommended that you have seen Thor: Love And Thunder before continuing to read this article. Twenty-ninth movie in the Marvel … Read more

Evelyne Dhéliat’s weather map is very similar to the one predicted for 2050

This weather map presented by Évelyne Dhéliat is very similar to the forecast for 2050 (Photo: Météo France) This weather map presented by Évelyne Dhéliat is very similar to the forecast for 2050 (Photo: Météo France) WARM WEATHER – “On August 17, 2050 still very hot with a barely veiled blazing sun.” 8 years ago, … Read more

Why you should reread Erik Orsenna’s The Colonial Exhibition

THE BEST OF THE GONCOURT PRICE – “Time, thank God, has not ‘weathered’ this book of immensity: it has left it intact, as inventive, brutal, incendiary as in the days of its birth,” writes the novelist and screenwriter Didier Decoin. Didier Decoin is a novelist and screenwriter, most notably author of John HellPrix ​​Goncourt 1977 … Read more