Rhinoplasty, whims and groupie attitude: Louis Bertignac waves at his ex’s Carla Bruni

While Mick Jagger preferred not to write his memoirs because he found the past too painful to relive, guitarist Louis Bertignac of the group Telephone, Carla Bruni’s first rock star boyfriend, decided to publish their memoirs. An autobiography entitled “Pretty little story”, which will undoubtedly make Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife bubble. Indeed, Louis Bertignac, 68, in … Read more

a clumsy gesture from the tree provokes a laugh

Hidden beneath the imposing costume, Gilbert Montagné frantically waved his character’s branches without realizing that Jarry was standing right next to him and accidentally touched his crotch. Friday night, TF1 broadcast the Season 3 semifinals of “Mask Singer”. During the evening, the four researchers had the chance to descend on the entertainment stage to ask … Read more

Party in Riyadh

Published on : 08/05/2022 – 00:16 Since 2016, the Saudi authorities have wanted to diversify their economy, which is too dependent on oil, and are pulling out all the stops to develop another sector: that of entertainment. Legal partying in Riyadh has become possible in recent years. Hundreds of thousands of people in the middle … Read more

Axel beats Louis, Salomé defends her ex-husband (Summary and spoilers episode n° 397 ITC)

“It All Starts Here” preview, detailed recap, and spoilers for Wednesday, May 11, 2022, Episode 397 of ITC. In your daily series, Charlène doubts Louis. During a special lunch in Double A, the students sit down to dinner. For her part, Kelly is stubborn. Advertisement Capture TF1 The summary of Here it all starts from … Read more

Gabriel Garran, founder of the Théâtre de la Commune d’Aubervilliers, died aged 95

Director Gabriel Garran, writer, poet and actor, founder of the Théâtre de la Commune d’Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) and the Théâtre International de langue française, died at the age of 95, we learned on Saturday 7 May from his consequence. “The disappearance of Gabriel Garran leaves behind all orphans who called themselves the ‘children of Aubervilliers’, as … Read more

Marion Cotillard, in Cap Ferret without Guillaume Canet, disturbing nose and forehead injuries (photo)

If Marion Cotillard is still with Guillaume Canet, so is the latter, he states on his Instagram page. He seems to be on top despite a nose and forehead injury unless it’s for his latest movie. “When you’ve just had another night of filming, and you have good music for breakfast,” writes the actor-director, appearing … Read more