Orléan MP Stéphanie Rist, future Minister of Health?

After his defeat in the sixth constituency of Pas-de-Calais, the Minister of Health, Brigitte Bourguignonlost her seat in the Assembly and was defeated by 56 votes by Christine Engrand (RN). Immediate result: she too loses her position in the government, just like Amélie de Montchalin and Justine Benin. Ever since, certain names are circulating to … Read more

A first case of monkey pox in Centre-Val de Loire discovered in the CHR d’Orléans

The sample sent to the CHR of Orleans was sent to Rouen, a reference center, which validated the result on Tuesday, May 31, confirmed Dr. Thierry Prazuck, head of the infectious diseases division at Orleans Hospital. Thirty-three confirmed cases in France, a “very rapid” evolution No hospitalization in Orleans but isolation Receive the free newsletter … Read more

A week before the medical competition in Zagreb, the last practical information given by the health assistant of Orleans

A week away from the competition (June 7) to participate in the English course at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb, everything is not quite precise yet. But some details were revealed Monday night by the Deputy Health Officer, Florent Montillot. Number of registrants How many people registered for this first session of the competition? … Read more

A week of action and information on sexual and reproductive health starts Monday in Loiret

The subject may still seem taboo. However, it is essential to take care of your sexual health. This is what reminds Sexual Health Week, which runs from May 30 to June 5everywhere in France. In the Centre-Val de Loire region, under the auspices of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) and with COreVIH (Sexually Transmitted Diseases … Read more

“A matter of life or death”: health at the heart of the debates at the Centre-Val de Loire . Regional Assembly

In the regional hemisphere, the term “historic” has been pronounced about twenty times. View more?! In the field of health, President Bonneau (PS) made no bones about his pleasure. †History of the creation of a university hospital in Orléans. History of the doubling of the number of interns in all areas?; Orleans, but also Bourges, … Read more

The president of the Centre-Val de Loire region says he is “vigilant” about the medical school in Orléans and says no to the project with Zagreb

With regard to the field of health, the chairman, Francois Bonneau (PS) qualifies as“historic” the decision endorsed by the Prime Minister, Jean Castexwho will give two teaching hospitals (CHU) in the Centre-Val de Loire (Tours en Orléans). Tours don’t lose! “And this will not be at the expense of Tours, who were afraid (…). We … Read more